New shoes from Glamistry! These Ramonda stilettos are for high feet and work with SLink, Maitreya, Belleza and even TMP bodies. Ramonda comes in fourteen signature colors, as well as six luscious animal prints and can be found at the mainstore!


Check out these new shoes from Glamistry! I am so excited that one of my favorite shoe designers has added shoes for flat feet to their resume. Mavis is a wizard at capturing textures and glamour in each pair of shoes and I am thrilled to add these to my wardrobe. And get this- he’s also creating men’s shoes, too! That’s right, there are a new pair of men’s dress shoes available at the mainstore, along with these Columbine sandals!

My Outfit:
SLink – Flat Feet (mesh)
Glamistry – Columbine Sandals (mesh) (w/hud) NEW RELEASE @ the Mainstore



Though the month of July has been super busy for me, I promise you guys that I am not MIA! In fact, things should be clearing up for me soon and I’ll be back in full posting mode shortly!

In the meantime, I was able to see the Minion Movie (since I adore them just a little) and I loved it, and so I knew that I couldn’t not create a minion inspired outfit to show my love. So, I went all fan girl and rifled through my inventory for some old favorites, as well as new hair by Truth for a take on the center part hairstyle of Dave (my favorite little guy) and this new Bianca top by Tee*fy for Mix that came in this gorgeous yellow color and perfectly depicts the sunny shade of the minions.

Speaking of which, I only just discovered Mix recently and for those of you who aren’t familiar with it- it’s a HUD based shopping experience with an all-star cast of designers who feature either a new release, an exclusive release or a discounted item at their mainstore. You then wear the HUD, which has an easy to read color code, outlining where each store’s offering is categorized for that month. Mix starts on the 1st of each month, lasts the entire month and has no set theme, which means there is sure to be something for everyone.

You can buy the HUD on the marketplace here, or join the inworld group, which will send out a notice every 1st and 15th of the month containing the HUD.

My Outfit:
Glam Affair – Stella (america)
LeLutka – Mesh Head
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Tee*fy – Bianca Top (mesh) (sunny) NEW RELEASE @ the Mainstore (for Mix)
Fashionably Dead – Overalls (mesh) (light denim)
Truth Hair – Astra (mesh) (variety) NEW RELEASE @ the Mainstore
Steinwerk – Bonnie & Clyde Sunglasses (mesh)
Gos – GTFO Boot (black) (not shown)
SLink – Mesh Hands
Pose by Mien (‘hi’ mini pack)

Bait and Hook

New heels from Glamistry are out at the current round of Kustom9! I love the spiked stiletto heel of this platform pump. It definitely reels you in for a killer look! These shoes come in SLink, Maitreya and Belleza versions, as well as a HUD with up to 12 color and four metal options.

I finally decided to take a picture in the living room of my nearly finished house. Finished pictures will be coming… eventually. ;)

My Outfit:

Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
SLink – High Feet (mesh)
Glamistry – Parrasana Heels (mesh) (w/hud) NEW RELEASE @ Kustom9

Beach Stroll

Summer is here! Finally!

My favorite SL Summer event- Summerfest, kicked off yet another wonderful round and just as I foresaw, I spent a small fortune on all sorts of new goodies for the season, including hair, swimsuits and these new shorts from Paper Arrow. I love that they come with a hud to change the color and texture of the bikini part, but since it didn’t come with a matching top, I decided to pair it with the one from the new Eunoia bikini from Boom. The bikini isn’t fitted mesh, but it is mesh body friendly with an included re-sizable version that I had no trouble fitting to Lara. As always, it’s always best to try a demo beforehand.

Peter’s been away traveling and I hated the entire month he was gone- including his bad internet connections! Nevertheless, he’s home… finally! So naturally, we shopped ’til we dropped, then ran right to one of our favorite hangout spots to walk along the beach and snap some pictures.

My Outfit:
Glam Affair & LeLutka – Megan (america) & Stella Mesh Head
Aitui – Anchors of Love Tattoo NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’15
Boom – Eunoia Bikini Top (mesh) (melon) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’15
Paper Arrow – Beach Shorts (mesh) (worn w/hud) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’15
Truth Hair – Randa (mesh) (variety) NEW RELEASE @ the Mainstore
Fri.day – Nadya Sandals (mesh) (buck) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88
Kibitz – Hamsa Beach Necklace (mesh) (copper) NEW RELEASE @ Kustom9
Clavv – Guitar Case (mesh) (pink/hold) NEW RELEASE @ Kustom9
ieQED – Brisa Bracelet (mesh) (silver) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’15

Peter’s Outfit:
The Mesh Project – Mesh Body & Head & Bleu Skin
Blank Line – Summer Shorts & T-Shirt (mesh) (botanicalb/cream) NEW RELEASE @ The Men’s Department
Monso – Xiu (mesh) (blackbrown) NEW RELEASE @ The Men’s Department
Gizza – Men’s Flat Sandals (mesh) (grey) NEW RELEASE @ The Men’s Department
Reckless – Bronx Tattoo NEW RELEASE @ The Men’s Department

Because the Night

Check out some more gorgeous stuff from the Arcade, and these amazing high heels from Glamistry, which are now available on the Marketplace! Single colors are a steal at $L379 each, or you can grab the 12-color fatpack for a whopping $L997!

My Outfit:
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
SLink – Hands & High Feet
Glamistry – Echium Heels (mesh) (w/hud) NEW RELEASEthe Mainstore

The Scene:
Scarlet Creative – Rustic Barn (mesh) (rare) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)
Erratic – Lorraine Bed (mesh) (rare) & magazine/newspaper & clothing clutter – woman/mens (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)
David Heather – Dress Hat (mesh) & Cameo Bag (sienna) & Ballerina Music Box (rare) (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)
Nomad – Amore Love Letters (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)
Tres Blah – Round Bottle (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)

The Arcade – June 2015

It’s that time of the year again! The summer round of the Arcade has fell upon us all and with it, a fury of amazing new gachas! I spent some time sitting out in the sun with my new set from Dust Bunny, wearing new and vintage inspired swimsuit and hair from Flowey and Exile.

It took a couple of hours to unbox all of my new goodies and I have a feeling that it’ll be a common trend for the next month.

The Arcade June round is sponsored by Style Kingdom, is filled with loads of fun new keepsakes and opens in just a few short hours! So get ready, get set…

My Outfit

Glam Affair – Megan Skin (america)
LeLutka – Mesh Head
Flowey – Wish You Were Here – Betty Swimsuit (mesh) (pale stripes) & Sally Sunglasses (mesh) (light/RARE) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade (June 2015)
Exile – Shout Hair (mesh) (light blondes) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)
Ingenue – Carmen Wedges (mesh) (leche) (slink add-on) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)
SLink – Mesh Hands & Medium Height Feet

The Scene:

Ariskea – Porcelain Collection – Windchime Drift (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)
Dust Bunny – My Summer Retreat – Daisy House Boat & Pier (mesh) (RARE) & Shade Umbrella, Hanging Flower Pot (blue,) Life Ring, Towel Tote (floral,) Fresh Strawberry Water, Flip Flops, Getaway Basket, Beach Bag (cream) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade (June 2015)
Erratic – Lazy Sunday Morning – Clothing Clutter (mesh) (woman) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)

Indian Spice

I just had to stop by and snap a couple of pictures at this new artfully decorated sim, inspired by glorious gardens and the bright, bold colors of India. Naturally, I’d be wearing something exotic and fun, like this new Jaya dress from Fishy Strawberry and long braid from Truth. And, it wouldn’t be called Indian if it didn’t have something from Zaara included. Thought this jewelry set is a much older release and is not by any means mesh, it is still one of my favorites and can easily outshine just about any style.

If you haven’t stopped by this sim yet, I highly recommend it. Grab yourself an ice cream at the entrance, then meander through the colorful garden path and down to a magical lane of fountains and beautiful architecture. This is definitely a place you’d want to visit if you’re looking to take some pretty pictures, or just to hang out with that special someone.

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Megan Skin (america)
LeLutka – Mesh Head
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Fishy Strawberry – Jaya Dress (mesh) (turquoise) NEW RELEASE @ Uber
Truth Hair – Ishya (mesh) (variety) NEW RELEASE @ Uber
Zaara – Nizam Jewelry Set (colored/gold)
SLink – Mesh Hands
Location @ Forever Dreams

Into the Light

May Birthday’s are hitting the grid hard and with them, come loads of great gifts. You can stop on by faMESHed for it’s third birthday round and the Chapter Four for it’s second anniversary and snag a great collection of group gifts from some amazing designers.

Collabor88 has also scored high on my list this month with it’s “Into the Light” theme and some truly gorgeous new pieces, including this flirty romper by Tee*fy!

My Outfit:

Glam Affair & LeLutka – Mesh Head & Karin Skin (america)
Maitreya – Lara Mesh Body
Tee*fy – Giselle Romper (fittedmesh) (bloom) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88
Exile – Miles to Nowhere (mesh) (blondes) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88
Cae – Phases Ring Set (mesh) (silver) NEW RELEASE/Group Gift @ faMESHed
Maxi Gossamer – Ariel Sun Pendant (mesh) (silver) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88
Mynx – Celtic Wrist Band (mesh)
Ariskea – Trance Ring Set (mesh) (silver)
Sorgo – Fedora w. Feathers (mesh) (ivory) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88
SLink – Mesh Hands