Cobalt Fever

I admit, I have a rather small large addiction to shoes. In fact, my inventory contains well over 300 different pairs. Hard to believe, right? But, when someone throws a pair of free shoes at me, I am not one to look a gift horse in the mouth. The first thing I do is parade around naked on my sim in only my shoes. Ha! Just kidding.

Really, though, one of the biggest parts of any outfit is all about the footwear, so when Alphonse sent me these Amarissa heels by ILLI, I was stoked that they came with a HUD that allows you to fully customize the colors of the shoe. Not just with preset colors, but also with a color picker as well. Surely every bloggers dream.

Even better than that, but you can get these great heels, that are compatible with SLink and the new Belleza mesh body for a 99L special until February!

I also wanted to comment on these new leggings by Bueno. I had to admit, I was a bit dense, wondering why they were called ‘bubble’ leggings… until I tried them on. They make my butt look so cute and well… bubblicious, no?

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Romy (america)
Bueno – Bubble Leggings (mesh) (gold) NEW RELEASE @ Kustom9
ISON – Cinched Sweater (mesh) (cobalt) NEW RELEASE @ Uber
ILLI – Amarissa Heels (mesh) (w/hud)
Yummy – Gold & White Pearl Necklace (mesh) & Pearl Studs (mesh) (gold) NEW RELEASES @ Uber
Truth Hair – Thalia (mesh)
Donna Flora – Mita Ring (w/hud)
House of Fox – Continental Wallet (mesh) (blue) from the September 2012 round of the Arcade
SLink – Mesh Hands & Feet

Poses by Flowey

Dipped in Gold

Glamistry has returned yet again with a gorgeous new set of heels for the SLink high feet. Gather round ladies, because these classic, pointed toe pumps come with an exotic, snakeskin design, cool metal accents and the option to change the tip of the shoe to whatever suits your fancy.

To go with the theme of my new dress and stole by Lethal, I decided on white and gold all around- perfect for winter. With the triangle theme, I was all set to grab a clutch that had caught my eye, but I was too late by the time the event was over. That’s what I get for being lazy.

Glam Affair – Romy (america)
Lethal – Skater Dress (mesh) (white) & Elisa Minx Stole (mesh) (white) NEW RELEASES @ Kustom9
Clawtooth – Business Time (mesh) (girl next door)
Glamistry – Ramonda Heels (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore
Yummy – Birthstone Ring (mesh) (april) (from the December Round of the Arcade)
House of Fox – Triangle Earrings (mesh) (gold)
SYL – Egyptian Revival Weave Necklace
SLink – Mesh Hands & Feet

Pose by :: momentum :: (fashion break) NEW RELEASE

Complimentary in Nature

Complimentary colors, like in green and purple, actually go really well together! Because of their striking composition within nature, I couldn’t think of a prettier place to display the green and purple boldness of the new Lyndsay Dress by Liv-Glam, then among the rolling, sunshiny hills of Bitacora!

I stumbled across this land during a lazy afternoon search for new sims to explore and I am so glad I did! The perfect picnic weather and harmony of colors within nature make Bitacora the perfect place for an outing.

I’ve finally, recently downloaded the new version of Firestorm, which enabled the new Second Life textures feature. I love it! Water sparkles, metal gleams and leather shines like the real thing! These new Glynco pumps from Hucci, an addon to the infamous SLink feet and this new Mermaid’s Serpent Eye ring by Maxi Gossamer are prime examples of the amazing features the new version of Firestorm include. What do you think of the new textures programming incorporated by Linden Labs?

Also upcoming this week is the new December round of the Arcade! I added the Zanzi clutch in violet from the March round to my outfit, but really, I can’t wait to get shopping in just a few hours and get a look at all of the new goodies that await us for the winter season! Have you checked out the new shopping guide, yet? What are you looking forward to the most?

Belleza – Nina (medium) NEW RELEASE

Liv-Glam – Lyndsay Print Dress (mesh) NEW RELEASE

Hucci – Glynco Pumps (mesh) (acai) NEW RELEASE

Exile – Party Girl (mesh) (warmth)

SLink – Medium Height Barefeet & Mesh Hands

Maxi Gossamer – Mermaid’s Serpent Eye (mesh) (gold) NEW RELEASE @ faMESHed

Maxi Gossamer – Madrah Jewelry Set (mesh)

Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses (mesh) (black)

House of Fox – Zanzi Clutch (mesh) (violet)

Poses by Focus Poses

Location @ Bitacora

New Releases @ Ricielli

Outfit #1:

Belleza – Ava (medium)

Ricielli – Papi Jumpsuit II (mesh) (white) NEW RELEASE

HANDverk – Strand Bracelet (mesh) (turquoise/gold) & Scale Clutch (mesh) (aqua)

Mandala – 777 Necklace (mesh) (aqua)

!OhMai – Athena Hair w/ Metal Headpiece (mesh) (brunette) NEW RELEASE @ Hair Fair 2013

Slink – Mesh Hands

Outfit #2:

Belleza – Shyla (medium)

Ricielli – Spiked Blazer (mesh) (mint) & Under Shirt (mesh) (feline) NEW RELEASES

Ricielli – Highwaisted Leather Pants (mesh) (printed black&white) NEW RELEASE

Exile – Counting Stars (mesh) (natural fusion) NEW RELEASE @ Hair Fair 2013

House of Fox – Zanzi Clutch (mesh) (grey) From the March Round of the Arcade (expired)

Shakeup – Vintage Ring (mesh) (02) From the September Round of the Arcade (expired)

Yummy – Midsummer Blossom Necklace (mesh) (egg shell) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88

Slink – Mesh Hands

Outfit #3:

Belleza – Ashley Summerfest (medium)

Ricielli – Studded Blouse (white)

Ricielli – Hotpants (mesh) (mint) NEW RELEASE

LeLutka – Lorella Hair (mesh) (blondefun) NEW RELEASE @ Hair Fair 2013

Maxi Gossamer – Solar Peace (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ faMESHed

Maxi Gossamer – Madame Midnight Purse (mesh) (sequins)

Redgrave – Aviator Sunglasses (mesh)

Slink – Mesh Hands

Lace Fancy

Belleza – Ava (medium)

Beusy – Empty Heartlace Top (bare) NEW RELEASE @ Limited Bazaar

Tee*fy – Abbey Highwaisted Shorts (mesh) (bleached)

AlaskaMetro – Basix Bra (sheer, strapless)

SLink – Mesh Hands & Womens Medium Height Barefeet (mesh)

Belgravia – Patent Leather Slingbacks (mesh) (nude) NEW RELEASE

Maxi Gossamer – Monaco Nights Jewelry Set (mesh) (gold)

Truth Hair – Soleil w/roots (mesh) (java)

House of Fox – Continental Wallet (mesh) (pearl) from the September round of the Arcade

Shapeup! – Fabric Flower Ring (mesh) (floral vintage) from the June round of the Arcade

Poses by Pose Maniacs NEW RELEASES @ United Fashion Project

Location @ Small Town Green

Essentially Vogue

I love when I see things with my name in them, so naturally, I have to have it. Even better is when it reflects my style (or part of it!) This new Cara dress from Liv-Glam is a one-shouldered mesh dress. For the daring fashionista, it can be worn without the provided bra and panties, but I decided to play it safe and wear them for modesty’s sake. I wanted to glam it up into something elegant and sophisticated- something Sex and the City, perhaps, so I went with a high ponytail, an edgy peep-toe and flashy shades. The dress comes with a HUD that allows you to choose between six colors and is a fantastic piece to dress up or down.

House of Fox has a Runway Essentials set out for the Arcade that provided the perfect backdrop to my outfit. The complete set includes a dressing room, vanity with bench, assorted makeups, fashion clothing rack and cosmetic chair. There is only one more week left of the June round of the Arcade, so grab your taxi before it’s too late!

My Outfit :

Belleza – Shyla (medium)

Liv-Glam Boutique – {He La} Summer ’13 Cara Dress (mesh) NEW RELEASE

Redgrave – Carrie Shoes (mesh)

Truth Hair – Delta (mesh) (browns03) NEW RELEASE

SLink – Enhancement Hands (mesh)

Je Suis – A.E. Fingernails (glossy french naturals) NEW RELEASE

Gos – Butterfly Sunglasses (black)

Mandala – Nyorai Jewelry Set (mesh) (silver)

Maxi Gossamer – Boho Bangles (lacquered etched silver)

House of Fox – Continental Wallet (mesh) (black) from the September round of the Arcade


House of Fox – Runway Essentials Set (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

Apple Fall – Vogue Frame (mesh) & Junkyard Door (mesh) (hepburn)

Schadenfreude – Dress Form (mesh) (elephant brocade) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

Izzie’s – Sculpted Rug (white)

Dutchie – Hanging Robe (mesh) & Towel Prop (mesh)

Aria – Oolong Teacup Planter Vanda Orchid (mesh) (nostalgic) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

Poses from Diesel Works

Mon Tissu

Mon Tissu has several great new releases lately, including this collared shirt and shorts. They’re sold separately in a wide array of colors and textures and can definitely be dressed both up and down.

I’ve taken a break from landscaping for a few days and found myself at the Tulip Mainstore, which has such a simple and pretty design that I thought I’d snap a few pictures. Oh, and did I mention they’re a part of this weeks Fifty Linden Friday?

My Outfit –

Belleza – Ava (sunkissed)

Mon Tissu – Collared Shirt (mesh) (floral) & Tulip Shorts (mesh) (grey)

G-Field – Alex Strap Shoes (suede)

House of Fox – Zanzi Clutch (mesh) (teal) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade (now closed)

Truth Hair – Tymber (mesh) (pumpkinpie) NEW RELEASE @ faMESHED

Maxi Gossamer – Delightful Dahlia Necklace & Earrings (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ faMESHed