In the Jungle

Liv-Glam and K Collection have both excited this past week with loads of amazing offers at a variety of events. Though I am not usually big on a lot of animal print, I couldn’t pass up this leopard print mini for all the spots in the world. I also knew exactly how I wanted to style it, having been craving a safari theme for some time now! I was even able to pair it with these Natasha strappy sandals as well, from the Secret Wednesday sale at the mainstore. And who says a  girl can’t kick some serious ass in heels?

You can grab this dress for 55L Thursday, as well as other styles, each complete with multi-texture change HUD, at the mainstore for an awesome weekend Steals and Deals event.

Talk about puuurrfect!

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Livy (india 04) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

Liv-Glam[K Collection] Pound the Alarm Dress 2 (mesh) Available for 55L Thursday

Liv-Glam – Natasha High Heels (mesh) (slink add-on) Available for Secret Wednesday

FineSmith – Safari Jewelry Set & African Summer Bracelet

SLink – Mesh Hands & High Feet

LeLutka – Rush Hair (bournville)

TaOx – Tribal Tattoo (medium)

La Petite Morte – Tribal Makeup (black)

BOOM – Touched By Summer (medium-dark)

Poses by :: momentum :: NEW RELEASE

Location @ Amazon River

Ohhh Barracuda

Wow! So much has been going on this past week that it was probably the worst time someone can plan to move. But eh, best to get it done and over with, right? Now that I am finally ready to get back into posting regularly, there are a whole slew of things to keep me busy, starting with Pose Fair! That’s right, it’s that time of the year and Ruby has surely given us something to ohh and ahh over with her space themed exploration throughout the fair. There are so many amazing new creators and new poses this year, that it is definitely one of the best fairs yet!

Chandni Khondji of HopScotch has some fabulous pose sets out that I found perfect for showing off my new outfit, complete with newly released and exclusive Red Label design from Liv-Glam. I love the huge color combinations available via the HUD, though it did make it really hard to settle on just one to go with my new boyfriend jeans from the new Maitreya line (also with color-changeable belt!) Fortunately, I was able to seal the deal with with these gorgeous prism colored sandals from ieQED (formerly HANDverk,) an exclusive release for the 21ShoeEvent. The day isn’t over yet, so if you haven’t had a chance to grab this outrageous deal or the others available as part of the one day sale, don’t wait! Check out the 21ShoeEvent website for LMs to participating stores.

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Romy (america)

Liv-Glam – [Red Label] Barracuda 3 (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore

Maitreya – Boyfriend Jeans Slim (mesh) (light wash) NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore

Maitreya – Calgary Clutch (mesh) (fawn)

Liquence – F8 (mesh) (genetics) NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore

ieQED – Rumba Sandal (mesh) (prism) EXCLUSIVE RELEASE for 21ShoeEvent

Zaara – Karmuka Necklace (colored gold)

Redgrave – Aviator Sunglasses (mesh)

Finesmith – Here Comes the Sun Ring (mesh) (coral)

SLink – Mesh Hands & High Feet

Poses by Hopscotch (Brooklyn, Daytona, Peyton) NEW RELEASES @ Pose Fair 2014

Location @ Belita


Fashion Stars

A new event has hit the grid: Fashion Stars! The event is hosted by the lovely Samantha Jones and Aisha Convair of Liv-Glam and ZZoieZee (Zanze) and is a bi-monthly event rotating on the 14th and last day of each month. It provides us wandering fashionistas with a collection of designers delivering us new and sometimes exclusive items (and awesome group gifts!) in a fabulous setting, for fantastic prices!

Current participants include:

Liv Glam
Liv Glam: K Collection
Pure Poison
BSD DesignStudio
Amarelo Manga
U: Refned
Style By Kira
Anna Shapes
Moondance Boutique

Grab your taxi to the Zenshi sims here to check out Fashion Stars!

My Outfit:

Belleza – Ashley (medium) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

Sassy! – Venus Top (mesh) (pink bloom) @ Fashion Stars

SLink – Mesh Hands

Paper Doll – Ruffly Kini (mesh) (peach) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

LeLutka – Vibrato Hair (mesh) (bournville)

FuLo – Perla Cuff (mesh) (silver) @ Fashion Stars

FineSmith – Botanic Wreath (mesh) (cherry) @ Fashion Stars

New Releases @ Liv-Glam

If you haven’t been to the new Liv-Glam location on the Zenshi sim, I definitely recommend heading over there and seeing what creator Samantha Jones has been cooking up! She’s been pumping out new releases every day and at amazing prices for those of you that are both fashion and $L conscious.

In case you haven’t heard yet, every Monday and Wednesday, Liv-Glam’s Chic La Mode offers two cycles of beautiful new releases. Then on Friday, Steals & Deals sweeps in to finish up the week with crazy sales of yet more awesomeness!

I am wearing just a few of my favorite dresses from Sam’s new releases. There are really too many to even consider talking about, but I really love the innovative HUD that comes with Liv-Glam releases. Not only does it allow you to choose your size, but it also doubles as a way to change textures and/or colors, all in one!

Look #1:

Belleza – Ava (sunkissed)

Liv-Glam – Serena Stud Dress NEW RELEASE

LeLutka – Alice Hair (mesh) (bournville)

Remarkable Oblivion – Crown of Thorns (mesh) (red)

Pure Poison – Spiked Military Shoulders (mesh) (red) NEW RELEASE

Gizza – Epaulette Set Pearl Necklace (mesh) (red)

SLink – Mesh Hands

Look #2:

Belleza – Ava (sunkissed) & Strong Gloss Lips 3

Liv-Glam – Byanca Drape Dress 2 (mesh) NEW RELEASE

D!va Hair – Asami (type b) (onyx)

Aitui – Sakura Hair Stick (mesh) (daydreams/bundle) NEW RELEASE

Baiastice – Kim Eyeshadow (fuschia)

SLink – Mesh Hands

Look #3:

Belleza – Ava (sunkissed) & Matte Lips 10

Liv-Glam – Marvelle Outfit (mesh) NEW RELEASE

Truth Hair – Briony w/roots (mesh) (mocha)

FineSmith – Costa Rica Earrings (black)

LouLou&Co – Nemo Ring (mesh)

SLink – Mesh Hands

Look #4:

Belleza – Ava (sunkissed) & Strong Gloss Lips 6

Liv-Glam – Caprice Spiked Dress (mesh) NEW RELEASE

Exile – Crazy in Love (mesh) (ember)

EarthStones – Maxine Jewelry Set (mesh) (spectrolite) NEW RELEASE

SLink – Mesh Hands

All Poses by -slouch- poses

Beachy Keen

I’ve been kind of wandering around SL a lot this week, just hanging out. With so many events and fairs out the past couple of weeks alone, I’ve realized that I really have to pick and choose my favorites, because there is no way I can possibly keep up with them all. As much fun as I’ve had checking them all out, I am exhausted! So, this week will be a relaxing, leisurely one for me with my posts.

I’m wearing the new Henna Fragrant dress from Gizza, which has a long skirt and sleeves, yet is so perfect for a walk on the beach. This Zer headpiece that I picked up from Finesmith at Fashion for Life gives it a bit of an exotic flair, too.

My Outfit:

Belleza – Ava (sunkissed)

Gizza – Henna Fragrant Dress (mesh) (clean red) NEW RELEASE

Finesmith – Zer Wreath (red) @ Fashion For Life

Truth Hair – Kasia (mesh) (seasand) NEW RELEASE

Chop Zuey – La Menagerie Rings Set (Colasisi Parrot Ring) @ Fashion For Life

SLink – Mesh Hands (elegant l & r) & Mesh Feet & Illena Sandals (mesh) (red)

Poses from Exposeur

The Arcade: March 2013

Finally, the new round of the Arcade has arrived and I am super excited to be invited to blog for the event this time! Don’t know what a gacha is? Well, it is all about betting against the odds. Pay a vendor to receive a random item from those available, then either keep playing to get what you want, or wait around and trade with others to possibly get the whole set!

For those who’ve never been to the previous Arcade Gacha Events, it is definitely worth at least one visit! When you arrive at the Country Club sim, you’ll find yourself at a sunny dockside where you’re greeted by the smell of popcorn, carnival music, the jingle of coins and silly old Archie Gachum, reminding us all to have fun.

Once inside, there is a wide array of gacha machines set up throughout. Each vendor offers their wares for prices ranging for as little as 25L up to 100L in price. Play one or play ’em all, then don’t forget to join the Arcade Group to get in on the trading!

This month, so many fantastic new gachas have been released from returning designers and ones that are new to the Arcade. For a full list of the creators and a listing of everything that is available at the event, be sure to check out the Arcade Shopping Guide.

When you’re finished playing the gachas, feel free to check out what the rest of the Arcade sponsors have created for us to enjoy. Souvenirs, a carousel and lots of fun arcade style games are set up for us to enjoy and help support the event.

My Outfit:

Belleza – Ava (sunkissed)

Truth Hair – Video Games (mesh) (light ginger RARE) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

*BOOM* – Sailor Cap

Maitreya – Mesh Pencil Skirt Lth2 (mesh) (navy)

Paper Doll – Bow Bandeau (mesh) (nautical RARE) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

SLink – Mesh Hands (bag r & elegant l) (mesh)

Milk Motion – Mini Leather Suitcase Bag (mesh) (navy RARE) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

Hucci – Lavan Wedge (mesh) (lemon) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

[NSD] – Anchor Ring

Storin – Kit Nautical Bangles (blue/gold)

FineSmith – Pearl Choker (red)

Poses from Diesel Works

Location @ Ymer Yacht Club