Morning Wood

Sad November is back this year with tons of amazing exclusives from over 80 designers. Not only is it a beautiful sim, but you can perfectly capture the fall atmosphere from so many new releases. I picked up these new boots from Essenz to go with my new favorite piece from Tres Blah. Or, at least until Juliette releases something else.

Nevertheless, I decided to have some fun with the checkered frock and convinced Petey that he needed to swing an axe… shirtless. While I watched. Not a bad way to spend the morning, if you ask me. He also picked up a new beard and ‘stache from Deadwool, as well, which is totally in right now. Again, no complaints here.

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Eline (asia) NEW RELEASE @ LeLutka Undivided
LeLutka – Stella Mesh Head
Tres Blah – Shirt Dress (mesh) (red) NEW RELEASE @ Uber
Eaters Coma – Hair 69 (mesh) (chestnut) NEW RELEASE @ Uber
Essenz – Copenhagen (mesh) (black) NEW RELEASE @ Sad November
Steinwerk – Shiny MeshNerd Glasses (mesh)
Maitreya – Scrunched PrimSocks

Peter’s Outfit:

The Mesh Project – Mesh Body, Head & Bleu Skin
V-Spot – Blue Collar Jeans (mesh) (black)
Deadwool – Patmos Boots (mesh) (brown) & Undercut Hair/Full Beard (mesh) (browns)

Just Say Hey

So, I’ve been given some advice lately to actually get off my sim and go out and meet people and as foreign a concept as it’s been, I’m gonna do it! This blogger is no longer going to just shoot and post as I’ve grown accustomed to doing, but instead I am going to become more *gasp* sociable.

I’ve decided on something fun and casual to kick off my attempt at being a social butterfly, with this cute short set from Liv-Glam and fun shoes and accessories from the Kustom9 event.

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Summer (america)
Liv Glam – Hey Eugene (mesh)
Eaters Coma – Hair 55 (mesh) (light chestnut) NEW RELEASE @ Uber
Candy Doll – Raviosa (mesh) (cerise) NEW RELEASE @ Kustom9
Steinwerk – Bonnie & Clyde Sunglasses (mesh)
Soy – Tapeman (mesh) (modified) NEW RELEASE @ Kustom9
Maxi Gossamer – Venetian Fortune Ring (mesh)
Lethal – Lion Head Cuff (mesh) (rose gold) NNEW RELEASE @ Kustom9
SLink – Mesh Hands & High Barefeet

Location @ Venice

Summer Fun

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Romy (america) & Appliers (america)

Zenith – Romper with belt (mesh) (snow) NEW RELEASE @ Kustom9

Maxi Gossamer – Crystal Dewdrop Sandals (mesh) (slink add-on) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88

Shakeup! – Luna Ring (mesh) (18 RARE) (from the December 2013 round of the Arcade)

Eaters Coma – Hair 47 (mesh) (mocha) NEW RELEASE @ the Mainstore

Zaara – Atiriya Jewelry Set (mesh) (lapis-lazuli gold)

Fashionz – Zipper Detail Purse (mesh) (lago)

SLink – Mesh Hands & Bare Flat Feet (mesh)

Poses by Poseway (Vuitton)

Location @ Mayfair

Crop It Like It’s Hot

I’m a little behind this week, but I just had to squeeze in a post to show you guys a few of the awesome outfits available from Sam and Kim this past week for FiFriday and Secret Wednesdays. I just love a good crop top, especially with the warmer weather rolling in (well, here in the south, at least) and whether it’s a sweater or a tank, they are completely versatile!

Isn’t my kitten bag from Glow Studio super cute? I think it really matches the animal theme I’ve got going from the tops. This bag, earrings and others are available at the March round of the Arcade, which ends in less than two weeks, so head on over before you miss out on some really great items.

Look #1

Glam Affair – Zara (america)

Liv-Glam – Kim Collection – So What Outfit (mesh) available @ FiFriday

Maxi Gossamer – Tokyo Party Night Necklace (mesh) (silver/black) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88

SLink – Mesh Hands & Mesh Flat Feet & Illena Sandals (mesh) (black)

Balaclava – Threefold Bracelet (mesh) (navy)

Wasabi Pills – Laura Hair (mesh) (chocolate) NEW RELEASE @ Whore Couture Fair

Look #2

Glam Affair – Romy (america) NEW RELEASE @ Skin Fair 2014

Loudmouth – Alli Lips (mesh)

Liv-Glam – Kim Collection – Roar Outfit (mesh) for Secret Wednesday @ the Mainstore

Glow Studio – Multi-colored Earrings (mesh) (tiki idol) & Gatcha Bag Kitten (mesh) (happyh) NEW RELEASES @ The Arcade

Eaters Coma – Hair 45 (mesh) (mauve) NEW RELEASE @ the Mainstore

SLink – Mesh Hands & Mesh Flat Feet

Tea Soup – Andel Flats (mesh) (sky/slink addon)

Poses from K&S

Hair Fair 2013

It’s that time of the year again- time for a Hair Fair! This year, Hair Fair 2013 brings us over 80 talented hair designers in a unique take on Legoland, with four sims designed using this favorite childhood toy!

Here I am wearing sixteen of my favorite styles from this years event but with so many styles out there, it was so hard to choose! What are your favorites?

Hair Fair 2013 runs from July 14th – July 29th, so there is still plenty of time to grab a taxi over and make your way through the maze of fabulous designs!

Hair List (In order from left to right) :

Herve Faenzo – Oblivion (mesh) (chocolate)

Eaters Coma – Hair 27 (mesh) (chestnut)

Xplosion – Nana Hair (mesh) (browns)

Auxiliary – Relax (mesh) (espresso)

ISON – Heidi (mesh) (darks 05)

Mina Hair – Laura (mesh) (dark brown)

LeLutka – Alvina (mesh) (praline)

LeLutka – Lorella (mesh) (praline)

OhMai – Athena (mesh) (brunette)

Baiastice – Stefani Hair (mesh) (rouge)

Wasabi Pills – Brenda (mesh) (cinnamon)

Exile – Counting Stars (mesh) (sunset)

Wasabi Pills – Andrea (mesh) (gingerbread)

LaViere – Aurora (mesh) (pale blonde)

Ploom –  Mindy (mesh) (indecisive)

Pr!tty – Know It All (mesh) (cocoa)

Sexy Summer Swimsuits

ColdLogic has some great new summer releases this week! These new sexy summer bikinis come in four styles and eight color/texture choices each, a perfect way to kick start the next few months’ pool parties, lazy beach days or just catching some rays! If you’re looking for the perfect summer swimsuit, grab a taxi here to the coldLogic mainstore!

Belleza – Ava (medium)

coldLogic – Beach Bikini (mesh) (sun) & Lake Bikini (mesh) (pink) & Waters Bikini (mesh) (emerald) NEW RELEASES

Eaters Coma – Hair 22 (mesh) (light chestnut) NEW RELEASE

Truth Hair – Denee (mesh) (gingers01) NEW RELEASE

LeLutka – Ferah Hair (mesh) (blondefun) NEW RELEASE

LaGyo – Love Me or Not (mint) (modified) & Alice Necklace (mesh)

Gos – Butterfly Sunglasses (mesh) (white)

Redgrave – Aviator Sunglasses (mesh)

Maxi Gossamer – Inlaid Seahorse Jewelry Set (mesh)

SLink – Mesh Barefeet & Womens Medium Height Barefeet (mesh) & SLink Mesh Hands & SLink Enhanced Hands (mesh) & Illena Sandals (mesh) (brown)

Hucci – Abra Sandals (mesh) & Beira Mules (mesh) NEW RELEASES

Poses & Props from What Next & Purple Poses

Bizarre Dandelion

Zodiac has so many great new releases for the Gemini round! I’ve already blogged several great pieces on the Hottie Cooterati blog, but I wanted to show off another piece that I picked up today! As if it isn’t obvious what my favorite color is, I just had to have this Dandelion One Piece from Valentina E. It’s so bright and cheery and goes perfect with the Bizarre Flower set from LaGyo that I’ve had in my inventory for ages.

Eaters Coma also has a great new release in two versions, one for standard breast sizes and also one for Lolas. I love the thought that Kumii put into her design because as much as I love to wear longer styles, I have trouble finding ones that fit when I do actually wear my Lolas appliers. So, if you are definitely sporting a full bosom, do check out this new hairstyle from Eaters Coma!

I’ve also been taking a lot of pictures at my home sim lately as I can honestly say it is about 90% complete! It’s been under a constant remodel for almost a year now and will never be finished enough for me, but I love that it allows me to create exactly the backdrop I need for whatever picture comes to mind. I almost always settle for something with a water or beachy feel to it, but I love going out and seeing what everyone else comes up with! What are your home sim preferences when it comes to decorating? I’d love to hear all about it!

Belleza – Ava (medium)

Valentina E. Couture – Dandelion One Piece (mesh) (teal) NEW RELEASE @ Zodiac

IKON – Destiny Eyes (silverleaf) NEW RELEASE @ The Boutique

SLink – Mesh Hands & Womens Medium Height Barefeet (mesh)

Hucci – Beira Mules (mesh) (SLink addon) NEW RELEASE

Eaters Coma – Hair 22 (mesh) (light mauve) NEW RELEASE

LaGyo – Bizarre Flower Headpiece & Ring (mesh)

Cae – Alchemy Necklace (mesh)

Poses from oOo Studio

I Dream [Print] of Genie

I still can’t help but continue to play around with poses from Pose Fair 2013! These ones are from Dream Print and so fun to explore the Kingdom of Sand sim with! If you aren’t familiar with KoS, even as a visitor, you have to go! Wow, is this sim beautiful! It is an MMORPG in a desert setting but luckily there were visitors tags at the entrance, so I was able to get in for a few hours and just wander around! It is stretched across two sims and everywhere you turn are picture perfect backdrops!

The new cycle of faMESHed is also out now and my trip to Kingdom of Sand was inspired by this oh-so-pretty and modern take on a sari and skirt by Valentina E. Couture. She’s also released ‘Barely,’ a teeny tiny dress with a matching print [with the sari/skirt] as well, both of which are perfect for the encroaching hot summer months. Or, unless you live in the South, the past couple of weeks!

Of course I couldn’t wear a sari and not wear some jewelry by Zaara and though her Nizam jewel collection isn’t exactly a new release, Zaara’s work is still always stunningly beautiful!

My Outfit –

Belleza – Ava (sunkissed)

Valentina E. Couture – So Sari Wrap (mesh) (ocean) & Kerchief Skirt (mesh) (ocean) NEW RELEASES @ faMESHed

Eaters Coma – Hair 19 (mesh) (dark mocha) NEW RELEASE

Maxi Gossamer – Crystal Glass Teardrop Necklace (mesh) (gold) NEW RELEASE @ faMESHed

SLink – Mesh Hands (elegant l & r) & Mesh Barefeet & Illena Sandals (mesh) (aqua)

Zaara – Nizam Jewelry Collection (gold/white)

Dream Print – Kimono Poses & Vogue Packs 6, 7, 8 NEW RELEASES @ Pose Fair 2013