I Think I Wanna Marry You

Hey there readers!

I know it’s been a while since my last post, but I promise I have not disappeared! In fact, I am gearing up to return steadily here soon. With being caught up in that pesky business of real life and a hard on for sim design of late, I’ve been a little lazy when it comes to posting. I’ll make it up to you, I promise!

In the meantime, Petey and I are celebrating our two year partnership and it’s made me a little giddy towards all the fun stuff that goes into renewing our vows. It also brings back fond memories of the passed three years we’ve actually been together, and all the dumb people who made us that much closer.

I wanted to do a pretty shot that would incorporate our impending nuptials and the lovely pair of shoes I’ve chosen, from Glamistry. They’re not a new release by any means, but are definitely one of my favorite pairs. I just love the simple elegance of the high heel (sans platform) and the added touch of bling on the side.

The Scene:

Ariskea – [Petite Paris] Rose Vase Ivoire (mesh) (modified)
Dust Bunny – White Rose Pitcher (mesh) (modified)
Anc – Canopy Lace (mesh) (white) & Noel Frilled Furrug (mesh) (milk)
Glamistry – Crocus Heels (mesh)
Zaara – Silver Jewelry Box (mesh)
The Loft – Wright Noir Candle
Second Spaces – Chalk Banners (mesh)
Theosophy – Beaumaris Mirror (mesh) (cloud)

And to All a Good Night

Merry Christmas, everyone!

The Scene:

Ariskea – Rose Vase Ivoire & Le Tapis & Les Mains (mesh) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade
Dust Bunny – Periwinkle Cottage RARE & Rag Wreath & White Rose Pitcher & Robin Nest (natural) & Pom Pom Blanket & Porcelain Deer & Beaded Lamp & Shortbread Cookies & Braided Rug (mesh) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade
Lark – Candle Making (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade
Nomad – Gustavian End Table (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade
Pixel Mode – Pinecone Candle (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade
Plaaka – Pencil House Curtain Open (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade
Razzberry Inc – Lighted Branches (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade
Scarlet Creative – Campbell Bed & Campbell Bench (mesh) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade
Second Spaces – Travel Necessities & Room Service (mesh) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade
Tarte – Twig Snowflake & Barstool (painted) & Watercolor Frame (deer) (mesh) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade
Vespertine – Wooden Fireplace (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade


With all of the fall and harvest themed items at the Arcade, I couldn’t not continue where I left off in yesterday’s post and do something reminiscent of pumpkin and cool weather and the warm colors of fall. Growing up in the North, that is definitely what I miss most about this time of year- the change of the seasons and the excitement over a hot pumpkin spice latte while snuggling beneath layers of warm clothes. Of course, I don’t miss the snow one bit, so I have to compromise somewhere.

What are your favorite things from this time of year?

The Scene:

Ariskea – Pumpkin Batch, Branches Twig, Baby Breath w/ Doilie, Tree Stump, Cinnamon w/Acorn & Leaf, Wood Chest (mesh) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade (September 2015)
Boogers – Candy Corn Bear (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (September 2015)
Dust Bunny & Tenshi – Snack Basket, Pumpkin Pile, Pumpkin Wagon, Pumpkin Crate, Pumpkin Stack, Potted Rowan Berries, Step Ladder (natural,) Pumpkin Planter, Pumpkin Carving (mesh) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade (September 2015)
Half-Deer – Shiba Inu Dog (what is this?) (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (September 2015)
Pixel Mode – Fall Harvest – Clucky’s Feed, Barrel Display, Lost Art, Barn (mesh) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade (September 2015)

#IHeartSummerSL Meme

I <3 Summer. Really, I do! It’s my favorite season. Granted, Summer in the South is pure torture and any sort of longterm outside activity is likely best done in Spring, but nevertheless- for me, Summer takes the cake. Lots of sunshine, days of liesure (for the majority of us who work, just go with it) and the best part of all- the beach!

Although summer doesn’t officially start, date-wise for another three weeks, I wanted to kick off the month of June and the general beginning of summer vacations everywhere with the ‘I Heart Summer’ Meme. While it’s been a popular trend on fashion blogs all over the world, I decided to forgo most of the tradition questions based on RL and incorporate some SL friendly ones.

As we head into the Summer months, I look forward to reading all of your responses, so feel free to comment and/or link back below with your answers. Don’t forget to use the tag #IHeartSummerSL

I <3 Summer SL Meme

1. What is your typical Summer style?
2. What is your favorite Summer color palette?
3. What is your favorite Summer hang out/sim in SL?
4. What is your favorite Summer activity in SL?
5. What one avatar enhancement could you not live without this Summer?
6. Do you have a favorite SL swimsuit?
7. What is your favorite summer accessory to wear?
8. What would be your idea SL Summer vacation?
9. What is your favorite hairstyle for the Summer, specific or look?
10. What is your favorite SL Summer event?

1. What is your typical Summer style? Casual and soft. Light colors. Frills, lace, sheers and anything short. I love playing with boho inspired jewelry as well.

2. What is your favorite Summer color palette? White, cream, coral, turquoise and mint. I really enjoy naturals and warm metal tones for the Summer as well.

3. What is your favorite Summer hang out/sim in SL? Home is obviously going to be my first choice. But, it’s been under perpetual renovation for months now, so in the meantime, Petey and I spend a lot of time at ‘the Vineyard Cafe & Winery.’ It is a beautiful sim and the beach areas there are both vibrant and tranquil. And, there are rez rights!

4. What is your favorite Summer activity in SL? Shopping. Scratch that, that’s all the time. I really enjoy attending live performances. A sweet friend of mine, Samm Qendra is a super talented singer and so I love attending her shows, as well as others’. Lisa Brune is also amazingly talented and always gives a great show.

5. What one avatar enhancement could you not live without this Summer? My first instinct was to say my mesh body, what with swimsuit season hitting and all but honestly, I couldn’t live without my SLink feet. Hands, too, but definitely the feet. In fact, I don’t think I even remember what the default SL feet look like anymore.

6. Do you have a favorite SL swimsuit? I’ve been in love with the Naisha bikini from Zaara since it was released two years ago, but with the new round of Arcade opening, my new love is the Morjim bikini as part of the ‘Goa Party’ collection. I love it. It even has a great HUD to change colors and includes fitted mesh sizes for mesh bodies.

7. What is your favorite summer accessory to wear? Sunglasses, hands down. Not only are they practical, but the right selection can easily make or break an outfit. I have at least a couple dozen pair in my inventory.

8. What would be your idea SL Summer vacation? Snorkeling. I think that would be so cool to have an underwater sim where you can play a mermaid, or just snorkel/dive your way through coral reefs and shipwrecks.

9. What is your favorite hairstyle for the Summer? I don’t have a specific named hairstyle because I enjoy so many, but I love the longer styles for summer, especially wavy tresses and anything that has a bit of a tousled look to it.

10. What is your favorite SL Summer event? This is the hardest to decide because there are so many events that I love, month after month. But, I would have to throw my coins into Summerfest, which pretty much guarantees that I will be broke for a solid month. I literally buy everything beachy or summer related and Summerfest has certainly snatched my L$ for the past couple of years.

The Arcade – June 2015

It’s that time of the year again! The summer round of the Arcade has fell upon us all and with it, a fury of amazing new gachas! I spent some time sitting out in the sun with my new set from Dust Bunny, wearing new and vintage inspired swimsuit and hair from Flowey and Exile.

It took a couple of hours to unbox all of my new goodies and I have a feeling that it’ll be a common trend for the next month.

The Arcade June round is sponsored by Style Kingdom, is filled with loads of fun new keepsakes and opens in just a few short hours! So get ready, get set…

My Outfit

Glam Affair – Megan Skin (america)
LeLutka – Mesh Head
Flowey – Wish You Were Here – Betty Swimsuit (mesh) (pale stripes) & Sally Sunglasses (mesh) (light/RARE) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade (June 2015)
Exile – Shout Hair (mesh) (light blondes) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)
Ingenue – Carmen Wedges (mesh) (leche) (slink add-on) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)
SLink – Mesh Hands & Medium Height Feet

The Scene:

Ariskea – Porcelain Collection – Windchime Drift (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)
Dust Bunny – My Summer Retreat – Daisy House Boat & Pier (mesh) (RARE) & Shade Umbrella, Hanging Flower Pot (blue,) Life Ring, Towel Tote (floral,) Fresh Strawberry Water, Flip Flops, Getaway Basket, Beach Bag (cream) NEW RELEASES @ the Arcade (June 2015)
Erratic – Lazy Sunday Morning – Clothing Clutter (mesh) (woman) NEW RELEASE @ the Arcade (June 2015)