Baby, It’s Cold Outside

ColdLogic has some fabulous new Fall releases this week- including skirts, sweaters with scarves, dresses and pants. Stop by the mainstore to check them out!

Also this week are a the final days of the Arcade. I’m so sad to see it go, as always, but I’ve had loads of fun collecting and trading for everything on my list.

My Outfit:

Look #1:
Glam Affair – Romy (america)
ColdLogic – Zinis Shirt w/Scarf (mesh) (plum) NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore
ColdLogic – Hemingway Trousers (mesh) (grey)
Maxi Gossamer – Nima’s Fall Leaf Earrings (mesh) & Royal Autumn Forest Acorn (mesh)
G-Field – Alex Strap Heels (metallic) (rose) (tinted)
Clawtooth – Fade Into You (mesh) (girl next door) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade
ISON – Kabuki Crocodile Tote (mesh) (pearl)
SLink – Mesh Hands

Look #2:
Glam Affair – Romy (america)
ColdLogic – Cember Dress (mesh) (sage) NEW RELEASE @ the Mainstore
Analog Dog – Honey Hair (mesh) (brown)
Izzie’s – Tights (medium beige)
Maitreya – Dahlia Socks (mesh)
Mon Tissu – Provence Riding Boots (chestnut)
Milk Motion – Studded Clutch (mwah) (leather-brown) *Retired* From the September 2012 round of the Arcade
COCO – Wool Scarf (mesh) (zigzag)

Pose by Focus Poses (friends 24)

Hair Fair 2014

The 9th Annual Hair Fair is upon us and for such a great cause as ‘Wigs for Kids’ it is definitely worth the lag, full sims and endless hours of shopping. Even more than that, by donating in any way, we are all working together to make a difference for children benefited by this great cause. Not only that, but in just the past three years alone, Hair Fair has raised more than $35,000! See for yourself and check out the thank you letters here.

Naturally, I went a little overboard in shopping (and spending!) but I am so glad I did. Here are a few of my finds, though I’ll be sure to post some more once the furor dies down a little bit!

As always, help us fellow shoppers enjoy Hair Fair by coming in as low lag as possible. That includes removing unnecessary scripts, HUDs and gadgets that hold no use when shopping. And if you still can’t beat the lag, don’t forget to join the Hair Fair Demo Group so that you can try out all of your favorites beforehand! For those of you that know exactly what you want, you can grab direct LMs to your favorite store here!

Featured Hair (from left to right) :

Milana – Nikola (mesh) (light blondes)
Olive – the Anna Hair (mesh) (hud 1)
LeLutka – Christine (mesh) (bournville)
Kik – Peggy Hair (mesh) (blonde)

Milk – Winx Hair (mesh) (samples)
Mina – Iris (mesh) (light browns)
Lamb – Sacred Hair (mesh) (ginger pack)
Wasabi Pills – Barbara Hair (mesh) (reds pack)

Analog Dog – Pop Scotch (mesh) (candy) Hair Fair 2014 Gift
Argrace – Cowboy Hait / Minami (mesh) (copper)
Blues – Crystal Hair (mesh) (essentials)
Moon – Ninth Ave Reverie (mesh) (naturals 2)

Beach Babe

I’m definitely ready for summer and a day at the beach with this new and incredibly daring string bikini from R2 Fashion (available at Collabor88,) as well as new beach inspired poses from :: momentum ::

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Summer (america) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88

R2 Fashion – Uruo Swimsuit (mesh) (white/gold) & Uruo Heels (mesh) (gold) (slink add-on) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88

Analag Dog – Honey (mesh) (tangelo)

SLink – Mesh Hands & High Feet

Poses by :: momentum :: NEW RELEASE


Am I the only one, or does anyone find it incredibly annoying to receive random IMs from strangers checking you out or wanting sex? Talk about gross! Rather than being flattered, I am disturbed. Talk about a bad juju…

Anyway, today I was hanging out at Pangloss, a stunningly designed sim with a rather unique approach. I absolutely love all of the pinks and blues that create this whimsical nature scene and will undoubtedly be back again to explore some of the other more… interesting additions throughout the location.

I am wearing the new Julianna dress from Tee*fy, also for the January round of Collabor88. The playful and flirty design of this dress is exactly the kind of style I love and the mint and cream duotone color easily puts this in one of my top ten favorite pieces.

Now that I am learning how to create poses, I have a new appreciation and a more determined eye when picking out poses to use for blogging. At least until I can create some of my own. In the meantime, however, this new pose set by Eternal Dream for the current round of The Kollective is exactly what I was looking for. They are simple and sweet and come five poses to the set, so grab them before it’s too late!

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Zara (america) & Chained Link Necklace (mesh) (mintcreme) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88

Tee*fy – Julianna Fluffy Dress (mesh) (duotone) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88

SLink – Mesh Hands & Avatar Enhancement High Barefeet (mesh) – Miranda Heels (mesh ) (stone) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88

Maxi Gossamer – Knotted Shimmer Pearls (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88

Analog Dog – Honey Hair (mesh) (tangelo)

Poses by Eternal Dream NEW RELEASE @ The Kollective

Location @ Pangloss

The Kollective

Starting tomorrow, a new event officially hits the grid with a double dose of talented designers and bloggers, collaborating together to bring you some fabulous new release items for a great price! The idea of the Kollective is for designers to create an item inspired by their paired blogger, which promises to deliver a whole lot of new and innovative creations! Here is a sneak preview of what’s waiting for you when the doors open tomorrow!

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Lulu 03 NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

Anna Shapes – Lotus (style card included!) by Analy Amat NEW RELEASE @ The Kollective (SLURL coming soon!)

Amarelo Manga – Dress Regiane (mesh) by Luana Barzane NEW RELEASE @ The Kollective (SLURL coming soon!)

Analog Dog – Honey (mesh) (scorpio)

Loordes of London – The Bard Shoes (mesh) (black&scarlet) by Coleen MacArthur NEW RELEASE @ The Kollective (SLURL coming soon!)

Poses from Eternal Dreams Poses by Fata Boa NEW RELEASE @ The Kollective (SLURL coming soon!)

Location @ NekoZone Central

Summerfest ’13

Today is the first day of summer and what a perfect way to kick off the next couple month’s of beach parties and sunny days than with Summerfest ’13! Many stellar designers have gathered at one location to bring you summer inspired clothing, accessories, decor and more- all centered within an outstanding boardwalk/beach inspired design at the floorplan sim.

Summerfest runs from June 15th until June 29th, so there is still plenty of time left to grab your taxi and get shopping!

Look #1:

Belleza – Ellie (RARE 1) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

Baiastice – Chain Bikini (mesh) (yellow) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

BOOM – Tiare Hairpieces (mesh) (white/yellow) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

SLink – Mesh Hands & Mesh Barefeet & Illena Sandals (mesh) (gold)

Analog Dog – Honey (mesh) (cayenne)

Look #2:

Belleza – Ashley (medium) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

Milk Motion – Cropped Tank (mesh) (native teal) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

Tulip – Vintage Cut-Offs (mesh) (mom) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

SLink – Mesh Hands & Mesh Barefeet

Hucci – Abra Sandals (mesh)

Truth Hair – Siobhan (mesh) (browns03) NEW RELEASE

Look #3:

Belleza – Shyla (sunkissed)

Milk Motion – Striped Sundress (mesh) (multi-brown) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

Tabloid – Sea Story Leather Cuff (mesh) (blue) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

Tabloid – Sabbia Espadrilles (mesh) (linen) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

SLink – Mesh Hands & Mesh Barefeet

Truth Hair – Selma (mesh) (browns02)


!OhMai – Sea Otter Pet (mesh) (silver) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

Balaclava – My Little Ukulele (mesh) (koa) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

Balaclava – Plumeria Mix (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

Olive Juice & Kari – Lifeguard Chairs (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ Summerfest ’13

ASO! – Alphabet Marine Trico Bag (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

Handverk – Mermaid’s Purse (mesh) (starfish turquoise & starfish sand) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

Tabloid & Ma Vie – Shaka Brah Surfboard (mesh) (aloha green) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

Friends Pose from Focus Poses

Location @ Pacifico Norte

Romantic Rendezvous

I still can’t get over how much I love the new Ellie skin from Belleza, for the Arcade. Yes, I know I’ve said it in almost every post for the past week, but I can’t help it! The freckles are just too cute! Anyway, I wanted to do something soft and pretty to go with the look and feel of Ellie, so I am wearing this great new release from Gizza. It is a partial mesh bodysuit with a floral, ruffly peplum belt and an pretty floral headpiece. It comes in three colors, green (shown above,) peach and purple. To grab this great new release, check out the mesh collection at the Gizza mainstore here.

I’ve finally decided to open my sim up to visitors for the month of June, so feel free to stop by and hang out or snap some pictures. Join my Flickr group or post your link here to share them! ♥

My Outfit:

Belleza – Ellie (RARE #1) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

Gizza – Romantic Rendezvous (partial mesh) (green) NEW RELEASE

Analog Dog Hair – Honey (mesh) (tangelo) NEW RELEASE

SLink – Mesh Hands & Womens Medium Height Barefeet (mesh)

Poses from Flowey & DeePosed

Location @ Pacifico Norte (open for June!)

The Arcade Countdown

I just so happened to stop my Analog Dog to see what Queue Marlowe has been up to and I must say, she’s been busy! She is by far my favorite pick when I want a curly look and so when I saw this new Honey release, I didn’t think twice before splurging on the super deal fatpack that had my name all over it. Well, not quite.

The June round of the Arcade officially opens in just two days and after getting a look at all of the new pictures up on the Flickr Stream and the Shopping Guide, I can only imagine how packed the sim is going to be! I, for one, am stoked so I decided to do just one more post with a few items from the March edition before I get started on the previews for June tomorrow! I know I am going to spend a small fortune in $L, but I think it’ll be totally worth it. What about you all? What is the average amount you spend on gachas from the Arcade? Are you as excited as I am?

My Outfit:

Belleza – Ava (medium)

Peqe – Baggy Pants (mesh) (sporty black)

Tee*fy – Basic Tucked Tank (mesh) (striped)

Analog Dog – Honey (mesh w/ flexi attachment) (raw honey) NEW RELEASE

Maxi Gossamer – Paris Black Diamond Necklace Set (mesh) & Wild Honey Bee Necklace (mesh) from the March Edition of the Arcade

Iruco – Blow Glasses (mesh) (bk) from the March Edition of the Arcade

LaGyo – Triple Leather Bag (mesh) (white) from the March Edition of the Arcade

SLink – Mesh Enhancement Hands (mesh)

Hucci – Lavan Wedges (mesh) (midnight) from the March Edition of the Arcade

Glam Affair – Couture Eyeliner (mesh) (no.2)

Poses from {.:exposeur:.}

Fantasy Faire 2013

I finally got around to hitting up the Fifth Annual Fantasy Faire today and I am so glad I made it! Not only is this event a stunning display of creativity and the fantastical, but it is also a Relay For Life event. Really, what better way to spend our $L than to help a worthy cause like the American Cancer Society?

With eight gorgeous sims of shopping and exploration, I really had no idea where to begin. It took me hours to browse, picking up some favorites along the way, but what I really admired was the ingenuous hunt that was also a part of the event. The Key of Hope Hunt, though I haven’t gotten started (yet) has a terrific back-story that you can read here and really gets you in the spirit of the surrounding sims.

I had a lot of fun posing at the Fairelands Junctions portion of the event, which not only offers teleports to the other shopping sims, but is also a beautiful display of greenery and winding rivers, perfect for playing the fairy in this cute little dress and wings set I picked up by Sparkle Skye from SS Designs. Analog Dog also has some pretty offerings at their booth, including two new releases for this event, as well as this Trouble Clef hair I am wearing above.

The poses I am using are from F*cking Ninjas (above) and D.Luxx poses. They are both fairy related and though they are not new releases, I couldn’t resist showing the spirit they helped me capture for my pictures.

Fantasy Faire 2013 ends on April 28th, so if you haven’t had a chance to stop on by for some shopping and exploring, it’s not yet too late to do so! Grab your taxi here!

My Outfit:

Belleza – Ava (sunkissed)

Sparkle Skye – Iris Fairy Mesh Dress (mesh) (golden) NEW RELEASE @ Fantasy Faire 2013

Eternal Darkness – Rhinestone Eyes Face Jewels

SLink – Mesh Hands & Womens Medium Height Barefeet (mesh)

Analog Dog – Trouble Clef Hair (coral) @ Fantasy Faire

Maxi Gossamer – Crystal Glass Teardrop Necklace (mesh)

Izzie’s – Glitter Eye Makeup

Poses by F*cking Ninjas & D.Luxx Poses