Matoluta Bay

Peter and I went out exploring the new sim, Matoluta Bay the other day, but I decided to come back for a closer look. Sporting Liv-Glam and my L. Warwick wedges, I braved the grassy hills and outran some testy cattle as I explored this new sim.

If you haven’t been to Matoluta Bay yet, it is a really lovely sim and animal santuary. Set with a flowing masterpiece of seasons, the Bay offers visitors a wide range of flora and fauna, fields of sunflowers and beautifully landscaped fields. It is brought to you by Shine Landscaping and helps to promote in the preservation of the Spanish Colonial horse, which can also be found in several locations around the sim.

Overall, Matoluta Bay is a great place for exploring, photography, roleplaying or just spending some quiet moments with a significant other in one of the many special spots.

For more information, pamphlets and maps, check out the website!

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Romy (america) & Gypsy Ring (mesh) (orangina)
LeLutka – Elizabeth Hair (mesh) (bournville) NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore
L. Warwick – Miranda High Platform Wedge (mesh) (modest mahogany) Exclusive Release for 21Shoe (August)
Liv-Glam/DE Boutique – West Coast (mesh) Available for Secret Wednesday @ the Mainstore
SLink – Mesh Hands & High Feet
Steinwerk – Aviator Sunglasses (mesh)
Izzie’s – Freckles (more) + Moles (face only)
Earthstones – Hemp Hair Beads (sizzle)
Maitreya – Mesh Shopper (mesh) (porsche)
Maxi Gossamer – Fern’s Trinket & Bead Necklace (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ faMESHed
Poses by Le Poppycock (cakewalk a&b) NEW RELEASE @ Chapter Four (chapter 16)

Location @ Matoluta Bay

Bienvenidos a Miami

Party in the city where the heat is on.
All night on the beach til the break of dawn.
Welcome to Miami…

So of course I was jamming to some old school Will Smith while snapping my shots for this post. I mean, with a theme like ‘Miami Electric’ for the September Round of Collabor88, I am sure I’m not the only one. The fact that I also happen to live in the Sunshine State makes me even more exuberant to splurge on these bright colors and prints. Emery has one of my favorite ensembles this round, with a thin, light-weight tank top and tropical inspired pants. I was even able to work in my favorite turquoise with this lovely leafy pendant by Maxi Gossamer.

A lot of new hair releases have been hitting the grid this week, as well. Truth Hawks has two new releases and Posy, a full, wavy and definitely summery ponytail is among one of my new favorites. She’ll pair well with just about anything and is definitely fatpack worthy, so don’t miss out!

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Romy w/ Appliers (america)
Loud Mouth – Alli Mesh Lips
Emery – Miami Top (mesh) (salmon) & Tropicana Pants (mesh) (black) NEW RELEASES @ Collabor88
Izzie’s – Aarya Bracelet (mesh) (w/HUD) NEW RELEASE @ The Dressing Room Fusion
Hucci – Jacmel Pump (mesh) (coral exotic) Exclusive Release for 21Shoe Event (January 2014)
SLink – Mesh Hands & High Barefeet
Truth Hair – Posy (mesh) (variety) NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore
Maxi Gossamer – Fairy Infinity (mesh) (long/turquoise/gold) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88
Milk Motion – Studded Clutch (mesh) (snake black) RETIRED (The Arcade September 2012)
Poses by Label Motion (carola) NEW RELEASE @ The Dressing Room Fusion

Make A Wish

It’s official! Another event (Hello, Tuesday) has left the ladies of Liv-Glam offering us fabulous and ridiculously low priced items for every day of the week. This gorgeous, strapless dress is perfect for the summer and if my style has been any indication over the past few years, I loooove the colorful, floral/tropical print, just one of six different pantone options available with this purchase. And did I mention that it is only 50L? (… that’s what I said!)

There is something so sweet and feminine and simply classic about a sweetheart neckline and short, a-line skirt that I was inspired by this dress to create a pose pack of the same name. As an introductory deal, from now until the end of the month, if you buy both dress (from Liv-Glam) and pose pack (from :: momentum ::,) I’ll give you 50% back on the poses. Simply send me a notecard with your name and transaction history for both purchases.

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Romy (america) & Loudmouth Appliers (america) NEW RELEASES @ Skin Fair 2014

Loudmouth – Alli Lips (mesh)

Liv-Glam – Wishing Well (mesh) 50% Off Exclusively @ Hello Tuesday (Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

SLink – Mesh Hands & Mesh High Feet

Kunglers – Walhalla (mesh) (silver) & Group Gift Bracelet (mesh) NEW RELEASES @ the Mainstore

KoiKoi – Tahiti Shoes (mesh) (pearl) (slink add-on) Exclusively for the 21Shoe Event

Tableau Vivant – Low Hair (mesh) (summer) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88

LaGyo – Anemone Headpiece (mesh) (maui)

Indyra Originals – Marina Tote (white)

Location @ Baja Norte

Poses by :: momentum :: NEW RELEASE



Liquid mesh is fast spreading across the grid and the Redgrave team has made their mark in those ranks with this new, ready-for-summer dress. First off, I love the one shoulder look of this piece and the draping to the waist that has a bit of Indian flair to it.

The HUD that comes with this dress has some crazy customization options. Not only can you change fabrics, but textures and patterns as well as colors that completely change the look and feel of each one. There is also a random color picker, as well, for some rather nifty results. Also new in this HUD, is an option to give the dress a neon glow, perfect for raves or nighttime parties.

And for those of you who are not familiar with Liquid Mesh, here’s the simple lowdown: Liquid mesh is rigged; however, it does adjust according to an avatar’s shape (within reason,) therefore eliminating the need for a standard size. Of course, liquid mesh isn’t without its faults, either. Without the use of an alpha layer, body parts will still likely poke through the mesh, but in using an alpha layer that is designed on one shape, you’ll undoubtedly find yourself with transparency issues in areas that are not covered by the mesh itself. There is still some debate on whether liquid mesh will have a future in SL, but in the meantime, I haven’t encountered too many faults with the pieces I have tried out in the past.

As for the rest of my outfit, I was trying to decide on what shoes to wear with the dress when I stumbled across these exclusive colored sandals from Hucci. I never seem to actually blog the shoes the day of the 21Shoe Event, but at least you guys can get an idea of some of the awesome releases that are exclusive to this event. For more info, be sure to check out the website, and don’t forget to join the inworld group for reminders and notices for each month!

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Romy (america) & Loudmouth Appliers (america) NEW RELEASES @ Skin Fair 2014

Loudmouth – Alli Lips (mesh)

Redgrave – Miriam Summer Dress (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore

Glam Affair – My Cute Roses Headpiece (mesh) (pink)

Hucci – Talasea Sandal (mesh) EXCLUSIVE RELEASE for 21Shoe Event

SLink – Mesh Hands & Mesh High Feet

LaGyo – Alice Necklace (mesh)

Ricielli – Birkin Bag (mesh) (pink crocodile) GROUP GIFT @ The Mainstore

Wasabi Pills – Kira Hair (mesh) (rye) (from the December 2013 round of the Arcade)

Poses by Marukin


Let’s Bounce

So, I was at the newly debuted interactive sim by Bryn Oh today and boy, did it scare the hell out of me! I love it! ‘The Singularity of Kumiko’ kind of reminds me of that movie Silent Hill in a very creepy, but glued to the edge of your seat kind of way. I don’t want to spoil any of the awesomeness, but basically, as you wander your way under the cover of darkness and the recommended windlight settings provided, you’ll find yourself haunted by a fascinated story… and an evil squeaky bunny with hooks for hands that will kill you. Seriously. One minute I am snapping some pictures and the next he is running around me in circles with eerie flashing lights and the next thing I know, I am home.

It’s the first time I have ever died in Second Life. O.O

Anyway, be sure to visit Immersiva if you haven’t already- it is definitely well worth the trip!

At the very least, I was dressed to the nines for that bit of unexpected terror in this new Liv-Glam mini dress. It’s another one of those fantastic releases from Sam and Kim that have a HUD for just about every color you can think of. Though it took me the better part of an hour trying to decide among the 60 different pantone options, I decided to go Chanel with black and glam it up with some gold accessories, especially these new Sandals from Hucci, that I got for the 21Shoe Event yesterday. Nice, huh? I really hope Eboni makes this particular style in the full range of colors. It is by far my favorite pair!

Oh, and did I mention that this new semi-exclusive, Red Label release is available at the mainstore for just 70L? I’d die twice for the kind of deals that I can only seem to find at Liv-Glam.

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Zara (america)

Liv-Glam – Bounce (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Mainstore

Epoque – Bouclier Earring (mesh) (gold) & Lune Jumelle Ring (mesh) (gold) & Cage Cuff (mesh) (gold)

SYL/Renegade – Egyptian Revival Weave Necklace (mesh) (gold)

Hucci – Payson Sandal (mesh) (gold limited) NEW RELEASE for 21Shoe Event

SLink – Mesh Hands & High Feet (mesh)

LeLutka – Maleficent Hair (mesh) (praline)

Poses by oOo StudioLalochezia & Double Take NEW RELEASE @ The Seraphim Social

Location @ Immersiva

My Attic & 21Shoe Event

Not only is there a new round of My Attic out (finally!) where you can grab fabulous releases for just 99L, but there is a new event that just started yesterday! In case you missed the new 21Shoe Event, here is the low down: every month, a group of designers will be offering two limited edition shoes for the price of one. That’s right, BOGO baby! If you join the inworld group, you’ll get a notecard for each rounds’ designers. Keep your eye out though, each round only lasts 24 hours, starting on the 21st of each month and ending midnight on the 22nd!

Here, I am wearing these special edition boots from Eudora! I am already loving this event as this is a designer I am not familiar with, but whose quality of work is amazing! The textures are so crisp and real and I love the designs. Squee!

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Zara (america)

Fishy Strawberry – Joy Cashmere Sweater (mesh) (onion) & Yoga Pants (mesh) (black) NEW RELEASES @ My Attic

MINA Hair  – Nikky (mesh) (light browns) NEW RELEASE @ My Attic

Maxi Gossamer – Khadijah Jewelry Set (mesh) (gold) NEW RELEASE @ faMESHed

Miel – Infinity Scarf (mesh) (chevron/cocoa)

Maitreya – Scrunched PrimSocks (tinted)

SLink – Mesh Hands

Redgrave – Aviator Sunglasses (mesh)

!Rebel Hope – Chained Mesh Handbag (mesh) (gold) NEW RELEASE @ The Boutique

Eudora – 3D Rockstar Boots (mesh) (coffee) Special Edition RELEASE for 21 Shoe Event

Poses by .ploom. NEW RELEASE @ My Attic

Location @ Winter Moon