Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, then you’ve surely heard of Pokemon Go, and if you’re as nostalgic as I am about the games we used to play as kids, then you’ve already signed up and are walking your way to some epic catches!

I almost wish there were a version of the app in SL, but since there isn’t- I’ve had to be content with snapping shots around the grid while chasing these imaginary creatures and since I live near the water in RL, you can find me here on the serene beach at St. Pete City. I’m even wearing this nifty Pokemon belt by Loki Mesh, which is free on the MP!

Have you joined the Pokemon Go fever? If so, what team have you joined and what are some of your favorite catches? I’d love to hear about it, and feel free to share a shot of yourself catching them all!

My Outfit:

Genesis Lab – Summer Mesh Head (cream)
CandyDoll – Dana Shirt (mes) (banana) NEW RELEASE @ faMESHed
Addams – Electra Denim Shorts (mesh) (w/hud)
Chemistry – Hera (mesh) (hud 1)
Loki Mesh – Pokemon Belt

Location @ St. Pete City

#BeLike Meme

If anyone is up to date on their social media, then you’ve probably met Bill. Bill is well… a stick figure. But, not just any stick figure. Bill is slightly crass, passive-aggressive and completely opinionated when it comes to policing his friends to be just like him. In growing popularity, Bill is already forming his own equally snarky group of fellow stick figures, including wife Emma and girlfriend Bella. Shame on you, Bill.

With that being said, I’ve jumped onto Bill’s bandwagon and created my own “Be Like” meme. While I don’t desire to have anyone be like me, I’d love to see what you all come up with! Feel free to post your “Be Like” meme’s in the comments, or link back so we can all see how to be just like you! ;)

You can check out Bill’s site here or if you’re really into your social media- visit Bill’s facebook page!

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Mavi Skin Applier (asia)
LeLutka – Simone Mesh Head (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ the Mainstore
Pixicat – Siren nr2 (mesh) (black) NEW RELEASE @ the Epiphany Gacha Event
Coco – Stretch Blazer (mesh) (black)
Little Bones – Starry Eyed (mesh)

#IHeartSummerSL Meme

I <3 Summer. Really, I do! It’s my favorite season. Granted, Summer in the South is pure torture and any sort of longterm outside activity is likely best done in Spring, but nevertheless- for me, Summer takes the cake. Lots of sunshine, days of liesure (for the majority of us who work, just go with it) and the best part of all- the beach!

Although summer doesn’t officially start, date-wise for another three weeks, I wanted to kick off the month of June and the general beginning of summer vacations everywhere with the ‘I Heart Summer’ Meme. While it’s been a popular trend on fashion blogs all over the world, I decided to forgo most of the tradition questions based on RL and incorporate some SL friendly ones.

As we head into the Summer months, I look forward to reading all of your responses, so feel free to comment and/or link back below with your answers. Don’t forget to use the tag #IHeartSummerSL

I <3 Summer SL Meme

1. What is your typical Summer style?
2. What is your favorite Summer color palette?
3. What is your favorite Summer hang out/sim in SL?
4. What is your favorite Summer activity in SL?
5. What one avatar enhancement could you not live without this Summer?
6. Do you have a favorite SL swimsuit?
7. What is your favorite summer accessory to wear?
8. What would be your idea SL Summer vacation?
9. What is your favorite hairstyle for the Summer, specific or look?
10. What is your favorite SL Summer event?

1. What is your typical Summer style? Casual and soft. Light colors. Frills, lace, sheers and anything short. I love playing with boho inspired jewelry as well.

2. What is your favorite Summer color palette? White, cream, coral, turquoise and mint. I really enjoy naturals and warm metal tones for the Summer as well.

3. What is your favorite Summer hang out/sim in SL? Home is obviously going to be my first choice. But, it’s been under perpetual renovation for months now, so in the meantime, Petey and I spend a lot of time at ‘the Vineyard Cafe & Winery.’ It is a beautiful sim and the beach areas there are both vibrant and tranquil. And, there are rez rights!

4. What is your favorite Summer activity in SL? Shopping. Scratch that, that’s all the time. I really enjoy attending live performances. A sweet friend of mine, Samm Qendra is a super talented singer and so I love attending her shows, as well as others’. Lisa Brune is also amazingly talented and always gives a great show.

5. What one avatar enhancement could you not live without this Summer? My first instinct was to say my mesh body, what with swimsuit season hitting and all but honestly, I couldn’t live without my SLink feet. Hands, too, but definitely the feet. In fact, I don’t think I even remember what the default SL feet look like anymore.

6. Do you have a favorite SL swimsuit? I’ve been in love with the Naisha bikini from Zaara since it was released two years ago, but with the new round of Arcade opening, my new love is the Morjim bikini as part of the ‘Goa Party’ collection. I love it. It even has a great HUD to change colors and includes fitted mesh sizes for mesh bodies.

7. What is your favorite summer accessory to wear? Sunglasses, hands down. Not only are they practical, but the right selection can easily make or break an outfit. I have at least a couple dozen pair in my inventory.

8. What would be your idea SL Summer vacation? Snorkeling. I think that would be so cool to have an underwater sim where you can play a mermaid, or just snorkel/dive your way through coral reefs and shipwrecks.

9. What is your favorite hairstyle for the Summer? I don’t have a specific named hairstyle because I enjoy so many, but I love the longer styles for summer, especially wavy tresses and anything that has a bit of a tousled look to it.

10. What is your favorite SL Summer event? This is the hardest to decide because there are so many events that I love, month after month. But, I would have to throw my coins into Summerfest, which pretty much guarantees that I will be broke for a solid month. I literally buy everything beachy or summer related and Summerfest has certainly snatched my L$ for the past couple of years.

Blast From the Past Meme

I was wowed by the response to my collage style meme that I posed a few weeks ago, so I thought I would use this month’s theme of Collabor88 to come up with another fun collage that we can have fun putting together: 90s favorites!

Growing up in the 90s introduced me to a whole world of goodies that, while back then might have seemed cool at the time, are by todays standards completely dorky and yet strangely comforting. Now, whenever I remember fondly such things as Tamagotchi’s and Mood Rings, I can’t help but laugh and wonder- what was I thinking? It’s hard even to believe that the end of the 90s were almost 15 years ago when sometimes, it seems like just yesterday. Yet I know that when I look back and think of that decade, I can honestly say that it was easily my favorite. Of course as a kid, I was biased.

Meme Instructions: Reminisce with your favorite 90s trends and icons. Create a list with fond memories or create a collage showcasing what you loved most about this unforgettable decade! 

Jelly Shoes – I swear, at one point every girl in school had a pair. They were the ultimate universal shoe at the time! Wear them with skirts, pants, shorts, socks- you name it! They were the perfect slips on, before flip flips ever became popular!

Mood Rings – Passing around a singular ring just to see whose mood was what was always a great way to pass the time. We’d even keep a little chart in the back of our notebooks just so we could go back and figure out why it suddenly changes from green to brown when you were caught looking at the class cutie.

Butterfly Clips – A hair staple. I remember asking my mom every morning to roll my hair into those little ponytails with my butterfly clips in the front. Not only was it all the rage but at the time with every color of the rainbow and then some, we just had to wear them all at once. It was a rule.

Tattoo Chokers – Who didn’t have one of these at some point growing up? Mostly, they came from the coin machines at the supermarket (real world gachas!) and we’d sit around during the summer, collecting and trading so we could wear them to school the next year as necklace, bracelets and even belly bands.

Trapper Keepers – Remember back when binders first came around in school and they were this big, fancy ordeal? Trapper Keepers made notebooks a thing of the past and they were easily the best part of shopping for new school supplies. Every kid had a trapper keeper and all of the coolest kids had Lisa Frank ones!

Nintendo 64 – If you had siblings, you were bound to fight over whose turn it was on the first game system we really remember (Atari what?) Super Mario Brothers, Donkey Kong and Street Fighter were the first three games we had- remember when you had to blow the cartridge to get it to work?

Giga Pets/ Tomagotchi’s – Gosh, the fun we had with these! I remember everyone in school having one and you were a total loser if you didn’t. After much begging and maybe even a little whining, my parents dropped the $30 (times three of us) on a grey and white one (the only colors left by the time they agreed.) I remember waking up at all hours of the night and even during school to make sure my little guy was fed and clean- until they banned them from our elementary school and that was the end of that.

Gel Pens – Gel pens didn’t really become a trend until I was in 8th grade (and before that it was Scented Markers.) I recall many a colorful time when a bunch of us would deem it socially acceptable sit in the back of our Social Studies class and doodle on ourselves. Of course by the time we reached high school, they were a thing of the past and erasable pens became the newest hit.

Beanie Babies – Who didn’t have at least 20 of these collectible favorites? I had an entire bookshelf of my furry friends that kept me company through my single digit years- until the great yard sale eventually gave them all new homes for a cheap price.

Paper Fortune Tellers – I don’t really remember why, but between MASH and Paper Fortune Tellers, these things were the biggest thing to grace the playground during recess. In fact, I still remember how to make them to this day, though I am sure we can all come up with better things than, ‘You’re going to marry so and so.’ Hehe.

Pogs – I don’t even think any of us ever really knew how to play them. But the designs were cool, the slammers just the thing and they were the cheapest collectibles around. Too bad they didn’t last as long as Pokemon Cards!

Warheads & Crybabies – Who doesn’t remember these sour candies that could bring tears to your eyes and make you the class clown at the same time? I swear, just thinking about it makes my taste buds cringe- And yes, the blue raspberry was by far the worst of them all! Did I remember reading somewhere that consuming more than three at a time could potentially damage something? Eh, I wouldn’t doubt it.

Chat Rooms/AOL – Yes, back when Dial Up threatened to wake up everyone in the house because it was just that loud. Back before MySpace and Facebook and Blogs became all the rage, AOL chat rooms and pimping your profile was the place to be. Remember when your mom picked up the house phone and you got kicked off the internet? Those were the days.

Titanic – I must have been 11 years old when this movie came out and my huge crush on Leonardo DiCaprio was what dragged my two best friends and I to the theater thirteen times just so we could cry every time he sank to the bottom of the Atlantic. And yes, we really did cry.

Nickelodeon – Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Rugrats, All That, Figure It Out, Alex Mack, Hey Arnold, Wild & Crazy Kids, Global GUTS, Kenan & Kel, , Eureka’s Castle, Clarissa Explains it All- We’re talking Vintage Nickelodeon here, the list goes on! All of the best shows on one channel- you couldn’t get better than that!

NSYNC/Boy Bands – Yes, back when we all drew ‘Mrs. Justin Timberlake’ in little hearts all over our notebooks, or swore up and down that Nick Carter would be our date to the 8th grade dance. I remember a group of us skipping school for two days because there was an NSync concert at Disney World and my mom took us all to camp out in the pouring rain just so we could get front row seats. Those paper wrist bands were the hot topic of conversation that entire week at school. Of course, don’t forget the Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys and Britney Spears, either. If you were any sort of 90s kid, you knew at least one of their songs!

The Macarena – You *had* to know the Macarena because you were doing it at every school dance and family reunion, whether you knew it or not!

Oregon Trail – Only the best part of the school day! It was officially the first computer game I ever played- I used to remember using the names of my friends in our wagon trip and wondering what dysentery meant at the time. Epic.

Sitcoms – Because television shows like Full House and Boy Meets World were all the rage and you could rap the theme song to Fresh Prince of Bel Air without blinking an eye.

Heads Up 7 Up – Fridays in school were the best! Countdown to the weekend, no homework and end of the day games like Heads Up 7 Up were the best! Of course,you were only the champion if you memorized everyone’s shoes…

The Color Me Meme

Do you remember being a kid, coloring with that 8 pack of crayons and thinking that those eight basic colors were the cat’s meow? Do you also remember how growing up, the older we got the bigger that box of crayons became? I remember moving from those 8 colors to 24 (surpassing the 12ct and 16ct altogether) and 48 and even the 96ct and thinking to myself when I finally outgrew the crayon stage that they’d have to run out of color names eventually, right? Wrong.

Nowadays, when I walk through the crayon aisle at the store, I am amazed by the continuing progress of crayons over the years. Who would have thought- going from an 8 pack of crayons to a whopping 150 count? Even as a kid, I would get a kick out some of the names creators came up with to name some of my favorite colors and remembered how fun it would be to come up with my own names for them. So, why not?

Meme Instructions: Come up with your own names, subtitles or descriptions for the following colors. Be as creative or as humorous as you want, just have fun! Feel free to use the colors I’ve posted, or use your own variety! Re-post your answers so we can all reminisce with a few good laughs!

My Answers:

1. Before the stars come out

2. Just spanked

3. Time for an exorcist

4. Shark infested waters

5. White carpet, Red Wine

6. Red-headed step child

7. Don’t eat the yellow snow

8. Hickey!

9. Skeletons in your closet

10. First kiss

11. SPF 50

12. When you’ve stared at the sun too long

13. I kissed a girl and I liked it

14. Pregnancy Test

15. You should have used Tide

SL This or That Fashion Meme

With so many endless choices available to us in SL- from fashion, animations, furniture, etc- how do we ever make up our minds about anything? If you’re anything at all like me- I am afflicted with the ‘buy it all’ syndrome. Basically, if I see it and I like it- I buy it. Terrible, I know. With my inventory hovering at 50,000 and my poor attempts at keeping it below that number, I have been trying to get a grip on my spending by putting myself through a mental workout about a piece before I wind up buying the whole fatpack, or worse. With that being said, I decided to create a Meme using some of my questions and turning them into a this or that scenario to teach us a little more about each others’ fashion choices. I can’t wait to see what you all choose!

Meme Information: For each ‘question,’ choose either this or that. Offer up an explanation to give us a deeper insight as to your style, but remember to choose only one! Feel free to add more and watch the list grow as it is shared!

1. Shorts or Pants? Shorts

2. Skirts or Dresses? Dresses

3. Heels or Flats? Heels

4. Sandals or Closed? Sandals

5. Formal or Casual? Casual

6. Modern or Vintage? Vintage

7. Classy or BoHo? BoHo

8. Updo or Loose Locks? Loose

9. Lipstick or Eyeshadow? Eyeshadow

10. Necklace or Earrings? Necklace

11. Bracelet or Rings? Rings

12. Cool Colors or Warm Colors? Warm Colors

13. Gold or Silver? Gold

14. Pale or Sunkissed? Sunkissed

15. Hat or Headpiece? Headpiece

16. Belt or Peplum? Peplum

17. Clutch or Hobo? Hobo

18. Mesh or Sculpts? Mesh

19. Blacks or Browns? Browns

20. Neutrals or Colors? Colors

21. Summer Fashion or Winter Fashion? Summer Fashion

22. Lingerie or Pajamas? Lingerie

23. Solids or Prints? Prints

24. New Releases or Retirement Sale? New Releases

25. Color or Style? Style

26. Quality or Originality? Quality

27. Event Shopping or Free Hunts? Event Shopping

28. Bold or Pastel? Pastel

29. Stripes or Dots? Stripes

30. Floral or Textured? Floral


My Outfit:

Belleza – Ava (medium)

LeLutka – Ferah Hair (mesh) (bournville) NEW RELEASE

Baiastice – Summer Minidress (mesh) (aqua/blue) NEW RELEASE @ The Dressing Room Fusion

LaGyo – Tucano Necklace & Bracelet (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ The Dressing Room Fusion

SLink – Mesh Hands

Pose from fri.day

Location @ Appleberry

Why Do I Blog Meme

It’s Meme Monday!

Berry posted a ‘Teach Me Something’ Meme challenge on her blog and while I love the idea, I am probably the most un-talented person in SL. So, since I can’t think of anything off the top of my head that I could possibly teach you guys, I am going to blog an older topic: Why Do I Blog?

My first year anniversary of blogging is just over a month away and I am still flabbergasted by how quickly time has flown by and how much I have learned about myself and others in the process. Reading everyone’s Memes have definitely helped!

Why Do I Blog?

1. How long have you been blogging? I started blogging June 30, 2012.

2. Why did you start blogging? I’ve always had an interest in SL fashion. The first friend I ever made in SL, Franz, took me around my first week and showed me the ropes. We’ve become shopping buddies in a way and ever since, my interest has only increased. After I started religiously reading SL blogs did I realize that I wanted to be a part of that, too.

3. How many times a week do you post an entry? It really depends on how busy with RL I am. Sometimes, just one post a week, or I can post as many as 4 or 5 per week, sometimes even twice a day.

4. How many different blogs do you read on a regular basis? I’d say around a dozen that I keep up to date with on a regular basis. I love to check out new blogs, but with time, I find myself narrowing them down to what can capture my immediate attention: catchy titles, quality, pictures, etc.

5. Do you comment on other people’s blogs? I try to as often as I can. At the very least, I always comment back on someone else’s blog if they’ve taken the time to post something on mine.

6. Do you keep track of how many visitors you have? Not really. I post for me and for what I enjoy. It makes me happy to know that others enjoy what I blog as well, but I am not overly worried about how many people I attract with my work. This is fun for me, whether I have one visitor or one hundred.

7. Did you ever regret a post that you wrote? No. I mean what I say and say what I mean. At least, I try to. Anything I blog receives my best and honest opinion. Typically, to avoid controversy, I only blog something that suits my particular style, or is of a quality I like. I hate giving negative reviews, but to me, honesty is important.

8. Do you think your readers have a true sense of who you are based on your blog? I hope so, but I am still pretty new to blogging, so I know that I still have a long way to go to make my mark and let people really see who and what I am.

9. Do you blog under your real name? No. Second Life blogger = Second Life name.

10. Are there topics that you would never blog about? I’ve never given this much thought. I suppose as long as it isn’t illegal or R-Rated, I would blog about it, if requested.

11. What is the theme/topic of your blog? Namely fashion, though I have really been getting into the home decorating side of things, which I also love.

12. Do you have more than one blog? If so, why? No, iCandy is my only personal blog, though I do have the privilege to be a staff blogger for the Hottie Cooterati Experience.

13. What have you found to be the benefits of blogging? I love being able to take pictures and share the great talents of designers in SL. They work so hard to make us look and feel fabulous and I love feeling like I am a part of getting the word out there. I also love being able to have an opinion that can be heard and can spark interest for others to discuss as well.

14. So, why do you continue to blog? I love clothes and people and writing. To be able to do all of these in a convenient, faster and much cheaper way via SL is really more than any fashionista could ask for, don’t you think?

My Outfit:

Belleza – Ava (medium)

Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eyes (mesh) (paris green)

Solidea Folies – Solidea Vers. 5 (mesh) NEW RELEASE for Limited Bazaar