Review Policy

  • Cara Olivieri is the sole author of Carasmatic. I will also never ask for review copies. If anyone claiming to represent me or my blog asks for review copies, please inform me right away.
  • Do I accept blogger and review copies? Yes I do, and for all designers and creators who do send review copies, thank you so much for your support. I will do the very best that I can to showcase what fits most into my taste and style, but please keep in mind that between RL and the never-ending entourage of events in SL, I won’t be able to blog everything sent to me.
  • I am not a critic. While I do write about some of the items I blog, please keep in mind that I only generally blog items that I like and what fits most into my style. If I blog an item, I may or may not say anything about it, but I will always photograph it to the best of my ability. Any items that do receive direct review are at my discretion and represent my most honest opinion.
  • All credits and SLurls of stores and events will be listed. When sending an item, I ask that you please include any relevant landmarks and information pertaining to the item.
  • Group blogging. I will fill out applications and forms for creators and events I know to meet my style and which I know I can commit to. Residents are welcome to send me links to applications, or information pertaining to a blogger opening, but please keep in mind that I can only accept positions whose requirements I know I can meet.