Arcade Nation

It’s 2016. It’s March. And it’s that time. Another round of the Arcade! March and June are definitely my favorite rounds, because I love spring and summer and all of the amazing creations that come out to celebrate these seasons.

I also love whimsical, and there is definitely a lot of that going on this round, including stunning pieces from anc, 8f8 and half-deer, as shown here.

Also one of the best parts of this round, is the addition of a third shopping sim! Not only is there the original Arcade sim and Gacha Galley, but ‘The Arcade 2’ is also available as an exact replica to the original, which allows for a  greater chance of getting in early. And we all know how that can be…

As always, the Arcade Photography contest also begins and features some squeal-worthy prizes for the winners, all of which can be seen here. Good luck to all who enter!

The Scene:

Anc – Happy End Park – Merry Go Round Gazebo RARE, Teacup Rides (pink, white, tiffany,) Garden Parasol (white,) Pennant Garland (white & pink,) Chicks (mesh) NEW RELEASES @ The Arcade
8f8 – New Beginnings – Geese (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade
Half-Deer – Unicorn Story – Lazy Day (mesh) (pure) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

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