The Lake House

I was honored to receive an invite for a VIP preview of the newest reBourne build. The ‘Lake House’ will be released Saturday, May 9th at 10:00am, and I guarantee that you’ll want to be waiting in line to check it out. The build is simply stunning and melds the perfect combination of modern cabin retreat and luxurious waterfront escape.

Designed with plenty of windows and glass for lots of natural light, as well as rich oak wood and light stone facets, the Lake House is an ideal combination for anyone looking to have the best of both worlds. It has three floors- including five spacious rooms, kitchen, bathroom, garage, attic and three outdoor entertaining spaces. Did I also mention there is an infinity pool, barbecue space and a built-in boat house? This build really does have it all.

The house comes in skybox form, with a control panel to set scenes and sounds, as well as a ground version. All landscaping is also included! The land impact counts for this mesh build are as follows:

Skybox Version: 352 LI (Structure 252/Skybox 4/Landscaping & Decoration 100)
Ground Version: 349 LI (Structure 252/Landscaping & Decoration 100)

Overall, I am in love with this house. It has something for everyone and lots of space for friends to come over and hang out. As someone who loves to play around with wind-light, I try and avoid baked shadows, but those incorporated into this build are so well done, that I could hardly tell the difference and in fact, they helped the colors of the build really pop. I also love the earth tones used- teal, green and the natural colors of wood and stone. I definitely see myself finally choosing a house and using this build on my still empty sim.

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