For those of you who are as big shoe aficionados as I, you’re more than likely constantly on the prowl for the newest and best pair on the grid. I, of course, have been enamored over the years by what some of my favorite shoe brands have come up with. Maitreya, Celoe, Gos, N-Core- just to name a few, have all been faithfully stored in my shoe closet for years. And then there is SLink and though not all opinions are the same, for me, has become the next best thing since sliced bread. Only better than sliced bread, because really- what fashionista hasn’t dealt with the life or death decision between food and shoes? Either way, every shoe brand is bound to make its mark in different ways and when shopping, each of us hold to a specific idea of our ideal shoe. Unless you’re like me, and just buy everything. Nevertheless, styles, color options, ease of use, quality, toes- all factors we secretly pick and prod at before making that final decision. Now that mesh has hit the grid, bringing with it some really amazing progress in the way of quality, we tend to focus on more of one buyers perk than another. Glamistry, I feel, has really made its mark with a new and rather fun shopping experience.

Before I get into the buying process, I want to talk about the shoes. If you haven’t had a chance to go over to the mainstore, please do so. When you teleport in, you’ll find enlarged replicas of the shoes in various color combinations throughout the room, giving you an eye-gasm over the quality. I think the toes are adorable and shadows are extremely well done and while I am totally loyal to Sid and the SLink brand for feet, I am definitely going to be sporting quite a few looks featuring my new Glamistry heels, because I am in love. Sadly, there are only three styles currently to choose from (Anemone, Calla and Constantia,) but I have a feeling we’ll be looking forward to seeing a lot more from this creator in time. Until then, feel free to grab a demo and check out the newest shoe craze. As for the shoes themselves, I feel like I have become pretty good at recognizing quality and with the examples set up at the mainstore, it isn’t hard to identify that fact for yourself. The textures on these heels are great, even at the lowest of graphics settings, which is nice because these days, not all of us can run around with shadows enabled full time without burning up a graphics card or two in the process.

Now, here’s the catch. In order to buy Glamistry shoes (for perks) you’ll need to acquire a membership card. That’s right, Glamistry is, in part, an invite only experience. At least, if you want all the perks that come with holding a ‘Glam Card,’ and trust me, you want the perks. You. Want. The. Perks. There are two ways to obtain a Glam Card. First, through the terminal at the mainstore, which hands out a limited quantity at varying times (of which I haven’t caught up with yet) or you can get one from a friend. And that is where the perks come in. Having a Glam Card means that a select number of your fellow inner circle shoe lovers can have Glam Cards too. Simply copy and paste and transfer one to your friend. As soon as your friend activates (wears) their Glam Card, you instantly become entitled to up to 50% $L back on their future purchases. (I know, that’s what I said!) How cool is that? In addition, you are instantly given a $L300 bonus towards your first purchase. Now, I don’t know many designers that basically give away a free pair of shoes, so I was tickled pink the more I began to explore. Even better, your status and perks are completely unique to you and your shopping experience. The more active you are (and the more you buy,) the more deals, bonuses and statuses you can unlock and the more your friends buy, the more store credit you receive. With the right combination (Price – Discount % – Glam Card $L,) you can easily end up paying nothing for these original, high-quality shoes!

Everything I have encountered about Glamistry so far is extremely well thought out, easy and actually fun to experience. Even better, Glamistry Resident has set up a series of YouTube videos that walk you through every step and question you may have and if that is not enough, it seems to me (though I have no personal experience as of yet,) that customer service is a top priority to his customers, so feel free to contact him if you have any questions or concerns.

Last but not least, I feel, is the HUD. I am sure many of you have come across a few that you’ve wanted to throw off the nearest balcony over the years, but rest assured that I found matching my Glamistry shoes to my skin tone pretty painless. It’s easily done in a few simple steps. First, wear your shoes, alpha layer and the shoe base. Next, you’ll want to edit the shoebase and tint it to blend in with your skin. I was able to get a relatively good match in under five minutes. While wearing the HUD, you’ll then select ‘Enter RGB’ and in the drop down menu, input your RGB values from that match your shoebase in the format 230/150/125 (The values for Glam Affair – America, btw.) Each purchase will also include a texture tutorial to this process, or you can check out the video provided here. Now, the only thing that I am not a fan of with these shoes are the attachment point and the gradient of the ankle designed to blend in with your leg. Though Glamistry is not the first designer to use this method, I am more favorable to the nearly invisible seams I’ve grown accustomed too. Still, the original creations, quality and overall experience of Glamistry leaves me giving this new product an 9/10!

Have you tried Glamistry yet? What do you think?

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Summer (america) & Rope Embellished Necklace (mesh) (raven/gold) NEW RELEASES @ Collabor88

1992 – Bandage Skirt (mesh) (nude) NEW RELEASE @ Kustom9

Glamistry – Calla (mesh) (black) NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore

Milk Motion – Crossover Bralet (mesh) (black) NEW RELEASE @ Collabor88

Milk Motion – Studded Clutch (mesh) (snake black) From the September 2012 round of the Arcade. (No Longer Available) D:

Burley – Stasia Hair (mesh) (darkbrown04)

Mon Tissu – Feather Wrapped Fedora (cream) (modified)

Slink – Mesh Hands

Izzie’s – Glossy Lip Highlights

Maxi Gossamer – Black Sun Jewelry Set (mesh) & Pearl Necklace (mesh) (black)

Steinwerk – Alphabeat Glasses (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ The Mainstore

Poses by :: momentum :: NEW RELEASE

Location @ Hazardous

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