Milk Motion @ The Arcade

Finally! The Arcade is here and with it, lots of lag, heavy traffic, anxiety, depression and some wicked awesome new releases. There are bunnies galore at this event and I am having a blast playing Johnny Appleseed in this Milk Motion romper and bunny hood set. For a complete list of sets and colors, check out the Milk Motion ad on the shopping guide.

Also new this round are these adorable Pandora sandals from Ingenue. I am in love with any style of shoe that is gladiator inspired, so I was definitely eager to collect the full collection here. And, how awesome is it that they so perfectly match the jumpsuit?

March 1st seems to have kicked off a boat load of events- new and old. The Oneword Event also started and these eyes from Brixley (formerly Crash Republic) are soft and look on the verge of tears. They come in both mesh and standard versions and in five gorgeous colors.

My Outfit:

Glam Affair – Zara (america)

Milk Motion – Rabbit Jumpsuit (mesh) (pink & grey/pink) & Rabbit Hood (mesh) (grey/pink) & Runaway Bag (mesh) (pink) & Vintage Plastic Bag (mesh) (pink & grey) & wooden dog pull toy (mesh) (RARE) NEW RELEASES @ The Arcade

Brixley – Woeful Eyes (mesh) (grey) NEW RELEASE @ Oneword

Friday – Tatum Hair (mesh) (moody brown)

Ingenue – Pandora Sandals (mesh) (sepia) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade

SLink – Mesh Hands & Mesh Flat Feet

Poses by Imeka

Location @ Scarlet Creative

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