Complimentary in Nature

Complimentary colors, like in green and purple, actually go really well together! Because of their striking composition within nature, I couldn’t think of a prettier place to display the green and purple boldness of the new Lyndsay Dress by Liv-Glam, then among the rolling, sunshiny hills of Bitacora!

I stumbled across this land during a lazy afternoon search for new sims to explore and I am so glad I did! The perfect picnic weather and harmony of colors within nature make Bitacora the perfect place for an outing.

I’ve finally, recently downloaded the new version of Firestorm, which enabled the new Second Life textures feature. I love it! Water sparkles, metal gleams and leather shines like the real thing! These new Glynco pumps from Hucci, an addon to the infamous SLink feet and this new Mermaid’s Serpent Eye ring by Maxi Gossamer are prime examples of the amazing features the new version of Firestorm include. What do you think of the new textures programming incorporated by Linden Labs?

Also upcoming this week is the new December round of the Arcade! I added the Zanzi clutch in violet from the March round to my outfit, but really, I can’t wait to get shopping in just a few hours and get a look at all of the new goodies that await us for the winter season! Have you checked out the new shopping guide, yet? What are you looking forward to the most?

Belleza – Nina (medium) NEW RELEASE

Liv-Glam – Lyndsay Print Dress (mesh) NEW RELEASE

Hucci – Glynco Pumps (mesh) (acai) NEW RELEASE

Exile – Party Girl (mesh) (warmth)

SLink – Medium Height Barefeet & Mesh Hands

Maxi Gossamer – Mermaid’s Serpent Eye (mesh) (gold) NEW RELEASE @ faMESHed

Maxi Gossamer – Madrah Jewelry Set (mesh)

Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses (mesh) (black)

House of Fox – Zanzi Clutch (mesh) (violet)

Poses by Focus Poses

Location @ Bitacora

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