The Color Me Meme

Do you remember being a kid, coloring with that 8 pack of crayons and thinking that those eight basic colors were the cat’s meow? Do you also remember how growing up, the older we got the bigger that box of crayons became? I remember moving from those 8 colors to 24 (surpassing the 12ct and 16ct altogether) and 48 and even the 96ct and thinking to myself when I finally outgrew the crayon stage that they’d have to run out of color names eventually, right? Wrong.

Nowadays, when I walk through the crayon aisle at the store, I am amazed by the continuing progress of crayons over the years. Who would have thought- going from an 8 pack of crayons to a whopping 150 count? Even as a kid, I would get a kick out some of the names creators came up with to name some of my favorite colors and remembered how fun it would be to come up with my own names for them. So, why not?

Meme Instructions: Come up with your own names, subtitles or descriptions for the following colors. Be as creative or as humorous as you want, just have fun! Feel free to use the colors I’ve posted, or use your own variety! Re-post your answers so we can all reminisce with a few good laughs!

My Answers:

1. Before the stars come out

2. Just spanked

3. Time for an exorcist

4. Shark infested waters

5. White carpet, Red Wine

6. Red-headed step child

7. Don’t eat the yellow snow

8. Hickey!

9. Skeletons in your closet

10. First kiss

11. SPF 50

12. When you’ve stared at the sun too long

13. I kissed a girl and I liked it

14. Pregnancy Test

15. You should have used Tide

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