Scarlet Creative @ The Arcade

Just one more day and the Arcade [June Edition] opens to the public! SLers are going to be thrilled with the gachas for this round, I guarantee it! And, if you’re anything like me, you’ll spend a very large fortune on one machine before you realize that you should probably wait to trade via the Arcade Group. But, don’t let that stop you from trying to collect them all, because with over 95+ gachas, there is definitely something for everyone! With the Shopping Guide floating around, what do you think your favorites will be?

I decided to start with another home decor post to kick things off and Charlotte Bartlett of Scarlet Creative has these amazing creations for us! If you are not familiar with Charlotte’s work, she is probably the best designer when it comes to fresh and light pieces that are well designed with lots of unique space, light and features that make her items real works of art. So, it is no surprise that this ‘Wooden Retreat’ has her written all over it. It is perfect for a woodsy area and really highlights the elements of nature with the light, worn wood and simple fabrics of the accompanying hanging ‘Day Sofa.’ Also included in the set are a coffee table, two sets of dominoes, poetry artwork, a row of poetry books and a mish-mash of crate shelves. The entire 8-piece set is  perfect for prim conscious residents, with each piece ranging from only 1-5 LI.

Scarlet Creative – Wooden Retreat RARE (mesh) & Day Sofa RARE (mesh) & My Crate Shelves (mesh) & My Dominoes (mesh) & My Box of Poetry Books (mesh) NEW RELEASE @ The Arcade (opens June 1st)

Scarlet Creative – For Lyla Twiggy (mesh)

Scarlet Apple – My Chevron Scrunchy Rug (mesh) (pale grey) from The Arcade March Edition (now expired)

Trompe Loeil – Mason Jar with Electric Candle (mesh) from The Arcade March Edition (now expired)

Apple Fall – Evelyn Throw Cushions (mesh) (white)

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