I Dream [Print] of Genie

I still can’t help but continue to play around with poses from Pose Fair 2013! These ones are from Dream Print and so fun to explore the Kingdom of Sand sim with! If you aren’t familiar with KoS, even as a visitor, you have to go! Wow, is this sim beautiful! It is an MMORPG in a desert setting but luckily there were visitors tags at the entrance, so I was able to get in for a few hours and just wander around! It is stretched across two sims and everywhere you turn are picture perfect backdrops!

The new cycle of faMESHed is also out now and my trip to Kingdom of Sand was inspired by this oh-so-pretty and modern take on a sari and skirt by Valentina E. Couture. She’s also released ‘Barely,’ a teeny tiny dress with a matching print [with the sari/skirt] as well, both of which are perfect for the encroaching hot summer months. Or, unless you live in the South, the past couple of weeks!

Of course I couldn’t wear a sari and not wear some jewelry by Zaara and though her Nizam jewel collection isn’t exactly a new release, Zaara’s work is still always stunningly beautiful!

My Outfit –

Belleza – Ava (sunkissed)

Valentina E. Couture – So Sari Wrap (mesh) (ocean) & Kerchief Skirt (mesh) (ocean) NEW RELEASES @ faMESHed

Eaters Coma – Hair 19 (mesh) (dark mocha) NEW RELEASE

Maxi Gossamer – Crystal Glass Teardrop Necklace (mesh) (gold) NEW RELEASE @ faMESHed

SLink – Mesh Hands (elegant l & r) & Mesh Barefeet & Illena Sandals (mesh) (aqua)

Zaara – Nizam Jewelry Collection (gold/white)

Dream Print – Kimono Poses & Vogue Packs 6, 7, 8 NEW RELEASES @ Pose Fair 2013

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