Hot Pants

As vintage as hot pants are, I think that they can also be just as modern. Paired with the right tops and accessories, they can easily be considered classy, rather than slutty.

So, on a recent shopping expedition I decided to pair these hot pants from d. Select by Deetalez that I stumbled across while digging through my inventory, with a simple classic white t-shirt from Entente. Since I just so happened to be hitting Gos this week, I thought that the open-toed Storm sandals were the perfect match.

What are your opinions on hot pants? Do you think they can be ultra-modern or are they better left in the past? Don’t be shy! If you have an outfit featuring these super-sexy shorts, share it!

My Outfit:

d. Select – High Raise Hot Pants (brown) (tinted to black)

Entente – Classic Tee (white) (short cuffs)

Gos – Storm Sandals (black leather)

LaGyo – Alice Earrings

Milk Motion – Studded Clutch (leather black) (the Arcade)

Elikatira – Away Hair (red 10)

Steinwerk – Aviator glasses

Ricielli – Margot Belt (black)

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