I recently went through and cleaned out my crowded landmark folders and came across a landmark for Humanoid the other day. When I stopped on by, I felt like I could have kicked myself for forgetting such a lovely, well-designed sim!


I felt a bit like Alice in Wonderland as I walked through each of the themed doors circling the landing point, then finally decided to snap a few pictures with the fun paper butterflies pose prop from Baffle.

For my day of exploring, I was wearing a floral print corset and shorts from Tee*fy and the new Nude Pumps from Hucci.


My Outfit:

Tee*fy – Mini Corset (mesh) (floral) & Abbey High-Waist Basic Shorts (mesh) (mint)

Truth Hair – Guinevere w/ Roots (mesh) (cherry)

Hucci – Nude Pumps (belmopan)

Mon Tissu – Oui Necklace (silver)

Shakeup! – Vintage Ring [12] (The Arcade: Gacha Events)

Dfo! – Don’t worry, [fern]


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