Now that I have officially spent thousands of Lindens on gachas at The Arcade, I thought I would blog a couple of the items I picked up. I didn’t want to go crazy with all of my purchases, so I decided on these cute flats from Ingenue that I paired with the Fifty Linden Friday dress from Molichino.

The dress is super cute, but I did notice that too often I could see all of this empty space peeking through from the alpha layer, but thankfully the fun Oslo Chair from What Next came with a couple of poses that hid most of the revealing parts of my outfit.

If you haven’t been to The Arcade yet and aren’t afraid to get addicted, then I strongly suggest you at least check it out. Many of the items offered there are fantastic and at great prices if you aren’t too picky about what color or style you get. And, of course, there is a photo contest going on with some really great prizes.


My Outfit:

Molichino – Pixie Dress (mesh) (FLF)

Truth – Briony (mesh) (mocha)

Ingenue – Ariane (cherry)

LaGyo – Bizarre Flower Ring



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