Right Back at You

I am a huge fan of coldLogic’s designs and I have yet to be disappointed in anything they’ve released, so I am ecstatic over the endless possibilities from their recently released summer separates. Each of the three new mesh tops come in various colors, but what really stands out are the unique backs that really set the tone for that sexy, casual style.

The different tops can easily be paired with one of the three new shorts and skirts also released and with the patterns and color options, the possibilities are endless. You won’t be disappointed!

ColdLogic top – Kipp (Sky)

ColdLogic shorts – Levy (Blanca)

Truth Hair – Kirby (Cherry)

Maitreya – Allegre (Sky)

Molichino – Delirium Mesh Clutch (Blue)

ColdLogic top – Tripp (Blues)

ColdLogic shorts – Breslin (Pewter)

Exile – Catwalk (Maraschino)

Celoe – Aelia Wedges (Desert)

Earthstones – Mosaic Cuff Bracelet (Jubilee)

ColdLogic top – Ladd (Bluejay)

ColdLogic skirt – Kalili (Sky)

Elikatira – Away (Red 10)

Similar – Venezia Shoes (Violets)

Dew – Camilla Clutch (Neon Yellow)

3 thoughts on “Right Back at You

  1. I did not realize you were such a talented — and I mean TALENTED — photographer. You do fashion REALLY well. And you wear all of my favorites :D Cold Logic stuff is so good. Maitreya stuff is so good. Your prim feet are so good. Your choice of jewels and location are so good. You have thought of absolutely everything to make the picture *just so*. You are so good <3 All fashion bloggers should be as good as you. (And sadly, so few are…!)

    • Aww shucks, Anna! Thank you for such nice compliments! While I think I am hardly a whiz behind the camera, I simply do what I love and have fun sharing it with others. I do agree that coldLogic and Maitreya are two of my favorite stores (among others) and I love just wandering around to see what else is out there. I believe that fashion in Second Life knows no boundaries and I find that attention to detail is what makes every idea a winner, not just the basics.


  2. […] I haven’t shopped at coldLogic since last summer when I blogged their previously released ‘Bringing Sexy Back’ line, so when I got the news of their latest releases, I rushed right on over and grabbed a […]

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