Hair Fair 2012

Hair Fair had a decent turnout this year, I feel, with some designers really stepping up with new and exciting styles! I was surprised to see that quite a few top designers weren’t in attendance, but even so, it’s a great event! I wish I could blog everything I bought, but that would take forever, so I narrowed it down to my top five favorites:

LeLutka – Magdalen Hair (with and without the ponytail)

Exile – Sea of Love & Silent Wings

LaViere – Freya & Argrace – Straw Fedora/Clara

In case you haven’t heard, Hair Fair is a wonderful sponsor to Wigs for Kids by providing children who have suffered hair loss through medical conditions with wigs and hairpieces. Not only does it put a smile on their face, but it is a serious confidence booster to these children who fight every day to look and feel normal. So, hats off to all those involved in Hair Fair 2012 and all future SL events that help to make a difference in a child’s life.

In addition, I also think the builders should receive a huge shout out for the incredible work done for this event. The Japenese Zen style is beautiful and the fact that it is a phantom build makes moving from one store to another incredible easy! Of course, even if you can’t afford to buy anything, most vendors are giving out free products, some of which are just as amazing as what you’d find for sale, so I highly recommend that if you haven’t been to Hair Fair 2012 yet, you should definitely go!


LeLutka – Magdalen Hair (Streaks Red)

Exile – Sea of Love (Dark Reds) & Silent Wings (Dark Red)

LaViere – Freya (Creative Dyes) & Straw Fedora/Clara (True Red)

ColdLogic – Romper (Room Mint)

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