Blast from the Past

I’ve always thought that blogging about fashion doesn’t have to be about new releases all of the time. The old stuff is still awesome too and in SL where time calculates twice as fast as the real world, what really qualifies as ‘old’ anyway?

I happen to love this outfit that I threw together, so much so that is has been my go-to ensemble for quite some time. I’ll say it started off with the feather wrapped fedora from Mon Tissu, which I loved, and the rest sort of fell into place from there.

Forget my Manolo’s, saying goodbye to Louboutin… I have my G-Fields. These heels are amazing! Though not by any means a new release compared to current fashion, the Alex Strap Shoes from G-Field are by far one of my favorites. The options are limitless, including five strap options, as well as shoe textures (metallic, patent and suede,) colors, buckle options and sole colors. I really think that if you don’t have these in your shoe closet, you should!



Mon Tissu – Minx Shorts (White) & Feather Wrapped Fedora (Cream)

G-Field – Alex Strap Shoes (Suede)

Hucci – Lace Back Tank (Black)

Maitreya – Dylan (Red)

[Attitudes] – Lace Pantyhose – Black D

Miel – Chum Bracelet

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