Modern Fairytale

If you haven’t been to ISON yet, I strongly recommend checking out Harry Hyx’s designs. Not only are they truly unique, but his latest group gift is amazing! For some reason, the moment I saw it, the color and the design of the corset top and flowing skirt made me immediately think of ‘the Little Mermaid.’

Like most mesh in certain poses, there was a bit of breakage in the torso area. My regular AO and most of the other poses I tried out, the seams worked out well, but for a freebie of this quality, I am certainly not going to complain!

With LeLutka having recently released their new mesh Fairytale and Goddess Edition Hair, I couldn’t not try out the new Ariel design and with my typical SL color being red, I am in love! Though I do wish the length in back would have been a little longer, the design and the textures are spot on fabulous. I also love how the up-sweep on the side allows for the optional accessory, so I added the Sirens Hair Clip from Panda Express. They have quite a bit of fantasy items, especially for mermaids, so it’s worth checking out.

If you haven’t been to the ‘Fairtyales in 2012’ event yet, I suggest you at least stop by and have a looksee. They have some great new releases from fantastic designers, including skins, hair, clothes, accessories and these awesome mesh shoes from ISON, inspired by Cinderella. When I saw these, I was again in love with the design. The shoes come with a color matching HUD and shoe-base gradient, so matching the color wasn’t all that difficult; however, I didn’t have quite as easy a time matching up the seems of my ankle with the rest of the shoe, and I found that unless you are able to get the perfect fit, then looking down will give you an invisible texture layer on the inside of the mesh prim. Unless you really zoom in on the ankle area, then it is hardly noticeable and with five shoe colors and twelve nail polish options, they are definitely worth the buy!

I really felt that I needed some piece of jewelry to showcase the rest of my outfit, so I decided on this stunning set from Donna Flora. I don’t typically wear earrings and necklaces together, because I believe that simple is just as effective, but when I saw this set, that rule went straight out the window. The colors matched perfectly with the corset top and gave the outfit a real beachy, mermaid inspired look.


ISON – Geometric Corset (mint)/Wrap Skirt (champagne) & Fairy Crystal Pumps

[LeLutka] – Ariel Hair in Jessica

Panda Express – Sirens Hair Clip (with scripted color chance options)

Donna Flora – Starfish Set in Emerald

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